EMT Training in Rhode Island

The students, who wish to become a skilled EMT in Rhode Island, have to go through an EMT training program. The EMT training in the state of Rhode Island is divided into three levels, including:

  • EMT-B (EMT- Basic)
  • EMT-C (EMT- Cardiac)
  • EMT-P (EMT- Paramedic)

The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) considers NREMT (National Registry Emergency Medical Technician) exams to provide state licensure to all the EMT aspirants. The most important thing to keep in mind is that the examination at the EMT-C level is prepared and conducted by the state Department of Health. On the other hand, the examinations for EMT-B and EMT-P level are conducted by NREMT.

Essential EMT Training Requirements

The EMT aspirants, who want to receive proper training to enhance their skills, have to get enrolled in a state approved training school. For getting admission, candidates have to fulfil certain mandatory requirements. These requirements are different in different states. Following are the essential requirements in the state of Rhode Island:

  • To get admission in any training school, a candidate has to attain an age of eighteen or above.
  • It is also mandatory to present an evidence of high school diploma and General Education Development (GED).
  • The EMT applicants are required to have a valid license of driving.
  • All the applicants ought to read at 10th grade level.
  • The EMT aspirants must be able to show evidence of various vaccinations, including mumps, hepatitis B, rubella, and measles.
  • All applicants are required to undergo a negative tuberculosis skin PPD test, a flu shot, and a negative chest x-ray.
  • Candidates are also required to get a Tdap vaccine to protect themselves against pertussis, diphtheria, tetanus, and chicken pox.
  • Prospective EMTs may be asked to present placement scores of various assessments, like ACCUPLACER or COMPASS, through which, their academic qualifications can be evaluated.
  • All the candidates are also required to experience a drug test.
  • They also have to submit the reports of the test for the criminal background check.
  • All the applicants need to have a CPR certification that they should retain all the way through the entire training session.
  • It is also essential for students to be capable of lifting, as well as balancing 125 pounds without any assistance and 250 pounds with other’s assistance.

Training Curriculum

It is very important for the aspirants to know the details of the training program, which they are going to pursue. The state of Rhode Island provides an opportunity to all the prospective EMTs to undergo an appropriate training program to polish the skills of providing pre-hospital care in case of any emergency. The state of Rhode Island has maintained three levels of EMT training. Likewise other states, the two levels of training are EMT-B and EMT-P. Besides this, a unique level, called EMT-Cardiac, is also maintained by the state of Rhode Island. Let us look at these training levels:

  • Emergency Medical Technician- Basics: The primary level of the training program is EMT-basics. The students become familiar with all the basic skills to be performed at basic life support level. These skills can be basic airway management, bleeding control techniques, assistance at the time of emergency childbirth, and methods to lift and move patients.
  • Emergency Medical Technician- Cardiac: The EMT-cardiac level is considered to be an advanced stage, in which, students are taught to provide immediate and effective care to the injured patients. The different types of advanced skills are cardiac interpretation and monitoring, IV therapy, defibrillation, adult and pediatric oral intubation.  
  • Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic: The most advanced level of EMT training is EMT-P. At this level of training, an EMT prospect is considered to have knowledge of all advanced and basic skills. The skills, which are taught to a student, are placing external pacemaker, treating medical traumatic emergencies, pleural decompression by needle thoracostomy, advanced defibrillation, pediatric and adult endotracheal intubation.

Apart from these above mentioned skills, a student also learns the below mentioned skills:

  • Shock management
  • Pediatric emergencies
  • Epinephrine auto-injector
  • Identifying vital signs
  • Diabetic emergencies
  • Managing musculoskeletal emergencies
  • Managing external ventilator
  • Handling soft tissue injuries
  • Controlling haemorrhage
  • Respiratory emergencies
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Handling gynaecological emergencies
  • Methods to treat head, spine, or neck injuries

EMT Training Duration and Cost

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Cost and duration are the two important aspects that every student should consider while applying in any EMT institute. If you apply in any college, which is not recognized by the institute, then you will not be considered eligible for appearing in the exams. In the state of Rhode Island, the EMT training costs near about $1000.

In Rhode Island, the prospective EMTs can avail training in approximately 180 hours.

State-Accredited EMT Training Institutions

Almost every state approves some institutions to provide EMT training to the prospective EMTs. Rhode Island has also approved some training schools to fulfil the needs of EMT students. Some of the training schools are:

  • Community College of Rhode Island
    Address: 400 East Avenue, Warwick, Newport, Rhode Island- 02886-1807
    Contact Number: 401-825-1000
    Official Website: http://www.ccri.edu/
  • The University of Rhode Island
    Address: 45 Upper College Road, Kingston, Rhode Island- 02881
    Contact Number: 1-401-874-1000
    Official Website: http://ww2.uri.edu/
  • Brown University
    Address: Providence, Rhode Island- 02912
    Contact Number: 401-863-1000
    Official Website: http://www.brown.edu/

    Address: 230 Waseca Avenue, Barrington, Rhode Island- 02806
    Contact Number: 401 289-2897
    Fax: 401-369-8050
    Official Website: http://www.ri-ems.com/
  • American Safety Programs and Training, Inc.
    Address: 1117 Douglas Avenue, Loft 3, North Providence, Rhode Island- 02904
    Contact Number: 401-273-6900
    Fax: 401-353-0162
    Official Website: http://asptems.com/


Write to the below given address in case of any query.

Rhode Island Division of Emergency Medical Services
Address: 3 Capitol Hill, Room 105, Providence, Rhode Island- 02908

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