Searching through the web in order to find a reliable pharmacy? If you are in USA, you may visit these 4 top-rated drugstores. They offer lots of medications by stock prices. Check them out:

    Rating: 4.8
    What customers say about Scales Pharmacy:
    – Sorry, very unhappy with the service I have received through the purchase of compression stockings. Miscommunication about delivery and still have not received gloves needed to put the stockings on. Lots of pain putting on the stockings without gloves. Necessary to give my credit card information over the phone. No actual invoice received. Original stockings still on backorder.
    – The pharmacist at Scales Pharmacy is very helpful. But the tech, specifically Ashley, was not very friendly today. Customer service is definitely the number one thing that makes me come back for business. If you don’t have it, it’s not worth the hassle and time for me to give you business.
    Rating: 3.8
    What customers say about ClearSpring Pharmacy:
    – I have been going here for over 15 years. A small town feels in the city. Pharmacists treat you as actual humans who are super friendly and kind. Always willing to go the extra mile to get info on drugs or contact your doctor. Michelle is incredible, and she is awesome. I can’t imagine ever going to a big box store pharmacy after coming here to ClearSpring Pharmacy.
    – They close too early on Saturdays, don’t open at all on Sundays, there’s a drive-up window though, and it’s in downtown Mandan. It’s an old school pharmacy. 4 stars if they were open on weekends for longer.
    Rating: 4.2
    What customers say about ViaQX:
    – All the people that work at ViaQX are so helpful & nice. No question is stupid to these nice people.
    – Small town excellent customer service with the convenience of being located in Bismarck! If you are looking for a full-service pharmacy, look no further. Every time I called in, I talked to the same friendly tech, without having to go through an automated system just to speak to a person. She was so considerate and competent with billing to both my primary and secondary insurance, as well as getting things lined up for my health savings account.
    Rating: 4.0
    What customers say about Avella Specialty Pharmacy:
    – My post comes from knowing Kevin, R.Ph. for over a decade. . I tend to favor the independent ones like Dakota Pharmacy, Compounding, and Dakota Natural Health Center and their custom nutritional line. ShopRite has a place for you no matter where you are on your journey to health and wellness. 
    Avella Specialty Pharmacy is so very helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and entirely dedicated to the care of everyone who comes through their doors. I am appreciative of their presence!

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