CPR Instructor

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) instructor is the person that leads the class and provides program about how to perform CPR in the case of an emergency. S/he teaches the exact procedure to bring back the consciousness in the person who has suffered a cardiac attack. His/her job is to coordinate classes, evaluate the performance of the students, keep a check on equipment and other things.

Requirements/ Eligibility

The requirements to become a CPR instructor includes:

  • The person must possess high school diploma, and s/he must have completed at least 18 years of age by the time of the completion of the course.
  • S/he must have basic life support certification along with basic life support inspector certification.
  • The aspirant must also possess excellent teaching, presentation, and speaking skills.
  • Some employers give preference to candidates having 2-3 years of experience in teaching.
  • The candidate must be capable of lifting CPR equipments weighing up to 50 pounds.

Procedure to Become CPR Instructor via American RED Cross

The stepwise procedure to become CPR Instructor via American Red Cross is as follows:

Step 1 – Obtaining Basic Life Support Certification

The very first step after completing the high school is to get the basic CPR certificate. This certificate can be obtained from any organization and not necessarily from the Red Cross itself. Interested candidates may opt for CPR HCV and CPR non-health care certification course. The CPR course helps students to know about the following things:

  • Chest compression methods
  • Principles, methods, and techniques involved in CPR
  • Emergency relief methods

The duration of the course varies from 2 to 6 hours. The aspirant, depending on his/her convenience, may choose from simulation, online classes or classroom program.

Step 2 – CPR Instructor Certification Course

The certification course completes in two stages.

Prerequisite: To qualify for and to get CPR instructor certificate from this organization, the candidates are required to pass an initial course (available online). If the candidate does not clear this test, s/he is not eligible to attend the instructor program.

1)The first stage is known as “Fundamentals of Instructor Program.’ In this stage, candidates are taught about the organization’s history, activities, structure, etc.

2) The second stage of the course includes the main program and prepares the instructor to work and perform in a specific environment and with specific people such as babysitters, child care providers, lifeguards, etc.

Step 3 – Renewal of the Certification

The Red Cross CPR Instructor certificate is valid for two years, and it can only be renewed if the candidate has taught at least one course during the validation period.

Procedure to Become CPR Instructor via AHA (American Healthcare Association)

The stepwise procedure to become a CPR instructor via American Healthcare Association is as follows:

1. Basic Life Support Certification

Like Red Cross organization, if a candidate wishes to get a CPR instructor certificate from AHA, s/he must obtain a CPR certificate first. The certificate can be obtained at any level such as CPR AED, CPR-C, CPR-A, CPR HCV, etc. This includes:

  • Emergency strategies
  • Providing CPR to adults, children, infants
  • All methods involved in CPR, i.e., compression, airways, breathing
  • Basic first aid principles and technique for adults and children

These courses are available in the form of classroom program, online lectures, and hybrid program. The duration of the course varies according to the type and mode of certification.

2. CPR Instructor Certification

The certification course of AHA is also completed in two stages, the details of which are mentioned below.

a) The first stage in the program includes a series of 20 modules which is known as ”Core Instructor Course” in which knowledge about planning and preparation, management assessment, cultural sensitivity, etc., is provided. The interested candidate can opt for any mode, i.e., online, in-class or through CD.

b) The second stage is to get prepared to be the instructor. Program is provided to the CPR instructor aspirant in various fields such as basic life support, advanced heart life support, heart saver, etc. These classes are also available online, off-line and hybrid mode.

Specific Requirement: The new instructors are monitored by AHA when they take their first class.

3. Renewal of Certification

AHA certificate is also valid for two years. The candidate must take at least 4 classes during these 2 years to renew the certificate.

NOTE: Besides these two organizations, there are certainly other organizations such as “National Safety Council”, “American Safety and Health Institute “ and some other private institutions that offer the CPR instructor certification course. The process varies from institute to institute.

Job Description of a CPR Instructor

The duties and responsibilities of a CPR instructor include:

  • Arranging lectures and customized courses so that students can choose the best suitable option.
  • Preparing instructional areas, i.e., classrooms, dummies, off-site and on-site locations, other equipment and material required for the program.
  • Instructing the students in a motivational way and making lectures interesting for them.
  • Performing administrative tasks such as maintaining records of the students, documentation, maintaining certificates, etc.

Career Options

There are several career choices available for you if you wish to be a CPR instructor. You will have an added advantage if you train yourself in exceptional CPR such as CPR HVC along with first aid CPR and Basic Life Support.

If you hold CPR Instructor certificate, then the following choices are available for you:

1. Own Business

One of the option after obtaining instructor certificate is to open your own business. This may require some additional qualities such as good marketing and advertising skills, convincing abilities, etc. Besides this, you will also need to invest additional money in purchasing the land, equipment, etc.

2. Emergency Service Provider Institutes

You can work as an instructor in various organizations such as police department, fire department, ambulance services, etc. For this, you need to check the local service departments from time to time as the vacancies are not advertised very often.

3. Program Institutes

You can join any program institute and provide the program to students. This is the easiest option to start your career as a CPR instructor.

CPR Instructor Salary

According to indeed.com, the salary of CPR instructor in the USA was around $45,000 (as of June 27, 2018)

Salary of Professionals with Similar Job Titles

Swim Lesson Instructor$24,000
Certified Group Fitness Instructor$49,000
Lifeguard and Swim Instructor$21,000
Personal Trainer Midtown Nyc$102,000
Water Safety Aide$18,000
Personal Trainer Downtown Nyc$102,000
Tumbling Instructor$16,000
Water Aerobics Instructor$27,000
Swim Instructor Lifeguard$22,000
Instructor Practical Nursing$46,000
Security Officer$21,000
Group Exercise Instructor$31,000
Lifeguard Swim Instructor$19,000
Security Officer Graveyard Shift$21,000
Group Fitness Instructor$38,000

The lowest salary ($16,000 per annum) was of Tumbling Instructor. Personal Trainer earned the highest salary, i.e., $102,000. The income of all other professionals was between these two figures.

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