EMT Salary

The salary of Emergency Medical Technician depends on multiple factors, like nature of techniques to be utilized, level of experience, level of certification, geographical area, number of working hours, and the type of industry. According to the statistics drawn from the survey conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2017, the mean annual EMT salary is $36,700 and the mean hourly salary is $17.64. To know how much an EMT makes annually, read the further details.

Professional Description

EMTs are usually recognised by four categories, namely First Responder (FS), Emergency Medical Technician- Basic (EMT B), Emergency Medical Technician  Intermediate (EMT I), and Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic (EMT P). The profession of an EMT is to offer immediate medical help or assistance to the injured people during car accidents or any trauma, replying to emergency calls, medical help to the critical patients, etc. Some of the basic responsibilities of an EMT are- to fix the oxygen mask of the patient, treating patients as per the instructions provided by the physicians, checking the vital signs during emergency, reporting clinical findings to the staff, cleaning the medical equipments, and much more.

How Much Does An EMT Make Annually?

The average annual salary of an EMT in the United States is $32,670 as per the data drawn from indeed.com.

The average salary of the EMT according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US) as on May 2017 is:/p>

  • Average Annual Salary: $36,700

  • Average Hourly Salary: $17.64

The BLS also provides information about salaries at different percentile scales, which is stated in the below table:

Percentile BracketAverage Annual SalaryAverage Hourly Salary
















 Top Paying Industries in US

As mentioned above, industry, to which EMTs associate, is also one of the important factors, which affects the EMT Salary. The table below provides information regarding top paying industries for this occupation:

IndustryMean Annual WageMean Hourly Wage

State Government (OES Designation)



Architechtural, Engineering, and Related Services



Junior Colleges



Scientific Reasearch and Development Services



Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools



Top Paying States in US

The EMT salary differs in different states as they consider various factors in dispensing salaries to the EMTs. The following table shows the ascending order of the top paying states in the United States for this occupation:

StateMean Annual WageMean Hourly Wage




District of Columbia












The table clearly states that the Washington holds the first position in the United States in offering the highest salary to the Emergency Medical Technicians.

Salary of Related Job Titles and Nurse

Becoming an EMT doesn’t mean that one’s goal is accomplished. The EMTs put their efforts to reach the next level or hold other designations. The salary of some related job titles in US is mentioned below:

EMT Paramedic Instructor


EMT Akron OH




Fire Fighter EMT


EMT Basic


EMT Security Officer


Emergency Medical Technician


Electrician Jouneyman


Security Officer EMT


Emergency Medical Technician Basic


EMT Emergency Medical Technician


Paramedic Evansville


Cardiovascular Specialist Ral


Firefighter Recruit


EMT Paramedic


Job Outlook

After going through the statistics provided above, we can conclude that the prospective emergency medical techs have multiple job opportunities in the United States. They can become EMT in any state after qualifying NREMT examinations and securing national, as well as state certification.

By 2026, it is estimated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that the demand for EMTs will grow by 15%, or 37,400 additional EMTs will be required to perform various emergency medical services.

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