Sample EMT Resume and Objective

A good resume is portraiture of your skills, abilities, qualifications, and knowledge. It is a medium to promote your capabilities and dexterity in a positive and unique way. Most of the interviewers might have less than a minute to scan your resume. It’s really difficult to make that awesome first impression of yourself in such less time. But, an updated and workable resume can get you the desired job.

A good resume must be categorized into the following major headings:

  • Objective of resume
  • Profile & Experience
  • Number and types of volunteer work and certifications
  • Licenses & Certification
  • Special skills and program

1. Objective

This is a one-line description of what position you are going for and the name of the agency you are applying in.

2. Experience

This section must include the work experience, employment and job history. It also shows whether it’s paid or volunteer experience. It must be written in chronological order, starting from the present employer and working backward without leaving any gaps. The format must be as follows:

  • Name of the Employer (Company name)
    City and state of the employer (street number, zip code, and phone numbers are not required).
  • Exact Job Title
    Mention the title at which you have worked in your last job.
  • Dates Employed
    This will include the date and month of your last employment.
  • Duties / Responsibilities
    This section will describe the types of duties and responsibilities that you have rendered in your last employment.
  • Education
    This section must include – Degrees that you possess, a name of the school and year of passing.

3. Community Service / Volunteer Work

This section will list the names of the organization, city, state, your job title, a brief description of your duties and the total number of volunteer hours performed.

4. Certifications / Licenses

Pick out your top 3 / 5 certifications and licenses that show your selling skills and place them in your resume. You need to put the name/title of your certification, who certified you and when your license expires (if applicable).

5. Special Skills or Program

This section must include if you know any language, skills or skills that may be helpful for your job such as firefighter / CPR / EMT, etc.

Sample EMT Resume

Barbara Dante
1001 9th Avenue, Huntington, New York 13210
Phone No: 715-254-3200


Seeking for Emergency Medical Technician position at New York City Hospital where I can work in a challenging environment and utilize my skills and theoretical knowledge for the welfare of the people.

Profile & Expertise

I have 4 years of experience, and I am extremely energetic and stay motivated. I have attended numerous emergency calls on an urgent basis. I am capable to assess patient’s condition and determine the course of treatment instantly. I am familiar with using medical transport procedures and carrying patient’s safety during transportation. I have hands-on expertise in the following technologies to offer advanced medical care:

  • Environmental emergencies and trauma
  • Feeding patients and meal preparation
  • Screening and examination
  • Recording vital signs
  • Microsoft Office Products


Diploma, City School, Huntington, Ohio – 2005

Work Experience

  • Envision Healthcare, Huntington, Ohio | April 2012 – Present

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Supervising certified nurses and licensed practical nurses.
  • Maintaining a sanitized, clean and safe environment.
  • Providing critical care to the patients and helping them in early recovery.
  • Regular interaction with the patients in order to find out their psychological and physical needs.
  • Observing condition of patients and managing their medical record.
  • Attending educational seminars for boosting technical and professional knowledge.
  • Attending to and resolving patients’ problems and fulfilling their needs by applying multifaceted team approach.
  • Interacting and coordinating with the healthcare teams for maintaining harmonious relationships.

Special Skills and Program

  • Knowledge of first aid, medicines, and immunization.
  • Analyze the nature of the illness of the patients and administer medicine to them.
  • Coordinate with flight paramedics in taking care of patients.
  • Gave program to newly hired EMTs.
  • Drove emergency vehicles to carry patients and attendants.
  • Life support to critical care patients.
  • Worked on-site emergency protocols.
  • Have a thorough understanding of infection control procedures.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Proven loyalty and reliability record.
  • A good team player, possess skills like compassion, kindness, and tolerance.
  • Can easily adapt to varying work environments.
  • Well-versed in medical terminology and anatomy and physiology of paramedics and firefighters.
  • Can formulate care plans if required.


  • Obtained “State Recognition Award” for exceptional nursing and paramedics practices.
  • Introduced new rules that raised patients’ motivation by 50%.

License & Certification

  • Current EMT license in the state of Ohio.
  • Current CPR, Basic Life Support (BLS) for CPR/AED and first aid.
  • RN Licensure.
  • CNA Certification.
  • Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) and EKG certified.

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