EMT Exams in Arizona

EMT exams in Arizona are aimed at preparing skillful technicians, who can respond quickly and efficiently to medical conditions, such as traumatic injuries, medical issues and accidents. For the sake of becoming EMT, a candidate is required to take up program sessions of requisite hours and clear all the examinations. Post clearing exam, candidate is awarded national certificate and licensure to practice as a qualified Emergency Medical Technician.

Components of EMT Exams in Arizona

Cognitive Exams

The cognitive exam conducted by NREMT is the computer adaptive test (CAT). Number of question may vary from 70 to 120, and maximum time to finish the exam is 2 hours . Each and every aspect of EMS care is covered in the cognitive exam. The questions are generally related to topics, such as EMS operations, airway, cardiology and resuscitation, respiration and ventilation, trauma, medical and obstetrics/gynecology.

Psychomotor Exams

In psychomotor exam, students are provided twelve different scenarios, and they have to demonstrate their skills to perform them efficiently. Candidates appearing for this examination can bring their own equipments provided that those equipments are approved by NREMT.

Psychomotor examination aims to test your skills and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Patient assessment- trauma
  • Ventilator management
  • Cardiac management skills
  • Medication skills
  • Pediatric skills
  • Basic skills (random)

Exam Registration and Scheduling

On being declared as an eligible candidate, you will get an eligibility postcard, which will direct you how to register, pay, and schedule your appointment to take up examinations.

There are some rules that need to be followed by all the candidates appearing for EMT exams in Arizona. These are:

  • All the candidates are required to pass the exams within 6 months of the registration period.
  • Candidates will have maximum 6 attempts to clear the examination (subjected to some clauses).

While registering yourself, make sure that the information you have entered in the form is authentic, accurate, and signed.

Internet Registration and Scheduling

Registering yourself for Emergency Medical Technician examination over the internet is the fastest available method. For the sake of registering yourself over the internet, you need to have a valid master/VISA card. Begin by logging into psiexams.com. Then, fill all the requisite details. Once you complete the registration procedure, you will be directed to choose the desired dates and locations to appear for the exam.

Telephone Registration and Scheduling

Following internet, telephone is the second fastest way to register you for EMT exams. For registering via telephone, you can take help of IVR (Interactive voice response) system. You need to provide information about your credit card number and its expiration date.

Fax Registration and Scheduling

Like telephone and internet registration, you need to present your valid credit card number and its expiration date to register yourself via fax. Fax registrations are available 24 hours a day, and if it has been filled incorrectly, it will be automatically returned to you for amendments.

Registration and Scheduling through Standard Mail

All those candidates, who wish to make their payment via checks or money orders, or do not want to disclose their credit card information, may choose to get them registered through standard mail procedure. In order to register via standard mail, you need to fill the registration form and send it to the respective address along with money order or banker’s check.

When you are registering via standard mail, allow a minimum period of two weeks to complete your registration.

Exam Cancellation and Rescheduling

If one doesn’t wish to appear for the exam on the day it is scheduled, he/she can cancel it by informing 2 days prior to the scheduled exam date.

You cannot reschedule the appointment on the very same day of your examination due to reporting and processing cores. However, you can reschedule the appointment the very next day or even the day after.

Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation

In the below given circumstances, the candidate’s registration will get cancelled and also; he/she will not be regarded eligible to receive a refund of the fees.

  • If the student fails to appear for the exams and do not inform 2 days prior to the scheduled date.
  • If the candidate arrives late than the scheduled time.
  • If the aspirant fails to provide the authentic and appropriate identification proof.

Reporting to the Examination Center

All the candidates are advised, as well as expected to reach the exam site 30 minutes prior to the commencement of test as coming late can cancel your chances of appearing for the exam and your fee will also not be refunded.

At the examination site, you are required to show the following documents:

  • Each and every candidate is expected to provide two identity proofs, one of which should be issued by the government. It can be a driving license, state ID, passport, etc, and it should also contain your photo and sign.
  • Only EMT-P and EMT-I are required to present their current Emergency Medical Technician certification in order to take up the test.

It is mandatory to inform PSI if you cannot present all the valid ID proofs, failing to which will not allow you to appear for the exam and your fee will also not be refunded.

Exams Results

If a candidate fails to clear EMT exams in Arizona, he/she will get feedback from the NREMT. After receiving feedback, the aspirant can re-apply for the exams after 15 days.

Results of all the candidates-whether passed or failed, will be posted on the NREMT’s website. The candidates will be able to view their personal scores by entering the password. A candidate, who fails to get a competent score and fails in the CAT exam, is given maximum 6 attempts to crack the test. Post three attempts; candidate must present the official documents that verify the completion of 24 hours of his/her corrective program. After that, he is given three additional attempts to pass the examination.

If a candidate fails to clear exams even after 6 attempts, he/she is supposed to repeat the entire emergency medical technician program.

Tips for Preparing for Exams

  • Do study in a planned manner in order to get assured success.
  • Candidates should always go through the available student materials and read all the provided information.
  • In order to learn fast, candidates are advised to note down and highlight all the important.
  • Before solving questions, confirm exactly what is being asked to you.
  • NREMT is more likely to ask questions related to airways and respiration, so read these topics in detail.
  • Pay more attention to those topics, in which you are weak.

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