EMT Exams in Mississippi

It is mandatory for a candidate to complete Emergency Medical Technician program from a state-recognized institute in order to become eligible for the EMT exams in Mississippi. These tests are organized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, which is a non-profit certification agency. The NREMT examinations are divided into two sections- cognitive and psychomotor, and both sections are necessary to be cleared by the aspirant in order to attain the certification for pursuing the profession in the field of emergency care.

Components of the EMT Exams

Cognitive Exam

The questions in this test are based on the multiple-choice format, which must be answered by the student in a limited period of 2 hours. You can expect around 70-120 questions. The important topics covered in this examination are:

  • Airway
  • Trauma
  • Medical Operations
  • Oxygenation
  • EMS Operations
  • Ventilation
  • Cardiology

Psychomotor Exam

In the psychomotor exam, applicants can bring their own equipment/apparatus, and they will be tested for their practical skills and presence of mind at the trauma site. Candidates are tested in the following subjects:

  • Ventilatory Management
  • Cardiac Management Skills
  • Random Basic Skills
  • Patient Assessment- Trauma
  • Oral Station
  • IV and Medication Skills
  • Pediatric Skills

Examination Registration and Scheduling Procedure

If the student is deemed as eligible to appear for the examination, he/she will get an eligibility postcard through the mail by the PSI. This eligibility postcard will consist of instructions for registering, scheduling and fee payment. Within 6 months of authorization period, total 3 opportunities will be given to you to crack the exams.

It is important for the aspirants to pay the fee during the registration process itself. Also, the registration form should be complete, correctly-filled, signed, and should be submitted along with the right amount of the fee.

Internet Registration and Scheduling

It is recommended that the candidates should register themselves through the internet, as it is the fastest way of registration. The students must obtain a valid VISA or MasterCard. Online registration can be done through the PSI’ website- www.psiexams.com. If you need to register online, follow the given below steps:

  • Sign into the website of the PSI, and choose the link stating Mississippi examinations. Complete the registration form and then submit it to the website.
  • After completing the registration form, the applicant needs to choose the desired date and location of the test center, which will be provided to him/her according to the availability.
  • The aspirant can now schedule for the exams.

Telephone Registration and Scheduling

Another method to register and schedule for the EMT exam is through the telephone. Telephone registration can also be done in non-business hours as well, via PSI’s Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). During business hours, it will be done via live registrars. You will require a valid VISA or MasterCard in order to do the telephonic registration.

Fax Registration and Scheduling

In order to register through fax, you are required to have a valid VISA or MasterCard.

  • Fill the form by entering your credit card details as well as the expiry date.
  • Now, fax it to the PSI. But, before faxing it, make sure for its completeness and correctness.
  • If the form is not filled properly, you will receive it back for rectification.

Registration and Scheduling through Standard Mail

If you do not want to share your credit card details while registering on the phone or the internet, you can choose the option of standard mail registration. It allows the applicants to pay via money order or cashier’s check.

  • Fill the registration form, and submit it to the PSI along with the correct amount of fee.
  • You can make the payment through cashier’s check or money order. You must get your name printed on cashier’s check or money order in order to ensure that the fee is correctly assigned.

Note- Cash, personal checks or company checks will not be accepted.

Rescheduling the Examination

You cannot take a new appointment for re-examination on the same day of giving the test due to scoring and processing. It means that if you have given an exam on Monday and want to reapply again, you need to call the next day, i.e. on Tuesday. The registration and scheduling methods and steps will be same as told earlier.

Late Cancellation or Missed Appointment

The registration will turn as invalid, and the aspirant will not be able to appear for the examination at the scheduled date while also losing the exam fee in the below cases:

  • If the candidate does not cancel his/her appointment 2 days prior to the scheduled date of the test.
  • If the applicant does not provide valid ID proof when he/she reaches at the examination site.
  • If the student does not appear for taking up the scheduled exam.
  • If the aspirant reaches late at the test center.

Reporting to the Examination Site

The candidate must reach the examination center 30 minutes before the scheduled time. It will provide him/her the time to sign-in and get verified his/her ID proofs. It also allows the student to get familiar with the examination procedure.

Important Note– If the aspirant reaches late; he/she will not be permitted to enter the examination hall and will also lose the exam fee.

The candidate will be required to submit the following documents at the testing site:

  • You are ought to bring 2 identification proofs. The first ID should be a government- issued identification card that can be a passport, state ID, driving license or military ID, which must contain your signature and photograph. The second one must contain your pre-printed legal name and the photograph.
  • Intermediate and Paramedic students must provide their current EMT certification card at the examination center. If they don’t possess certification card, they are allowed to present their reinstatement letter obtained from the Office of Emergency Medical Services.

The candidate must keep the following things in mind:

  • You are not allowed to bring cell phones, calculators, pagers, etc. to the exam site.
  • Aspirants are not permitted to bring children with them. Bags, backpacks, and large purses are also strictly banned. However, you can carry your wallets.
  • Smoking, drinking and eating are prohibited at the test center.
  • Once you have started giving the exam, you will not be permitted to leave the examination hall without the proctor’s permission. You can only go to the restroom and that too after seeking permission from the proctor.
  • If you have been found cheating during the test, or with any type of unauthorized material, you will be asked to submit all the exam materials and leave the examination hall straight away.
  • The candidate must remember that copying of the exam content is strictly termed as the violation of security rules, and therefore, it may result in the cancellation of the test results or legal action can also be taken.

Exam Results

No matter, you have passed or failed the examination; you will receive a performance feedback from the NREMT. It will indicate you about your performance in the exam and will also let you know about your weak areas. The candidate can apply for another appointment or re-examination after 15 days of appearing in the last test.

The aspirant is provided with a total of 6 attempts to clear the examination. After appearing in 3 attempts, the student is required to provide official documents as an evidence of completion of 24 hours of remedial program. Then, the candidate is provided with 3 more attempts to pass the exam, but he/she must complete all the requirements of the national EMS certification. If he/she doesn’t get success in all the six attempts, he/she will be required to undergo the entire Emergency Medical Technician program again.

Tips for Preparing for the EMT Exams

  • A number of study guides are available in the market. You need to select the best one, depending on your requirements. Study from it daily.
  • Make flash cards on different topics. It helps a lot in learning and memorizing the difficult facts.
  • Keep practicing the sample papers. By practicing the online practice tests, you will get to know where you actually stand and how much you need to improve.
  • Pay more heed to the scenario-based questions as these are the ones you will see more in your actual exam.
  • Take hands-on program from the experienced Emergency Medical Technicians. This will help you a lot in your psychomotor (practical) examination.
  • Prepare yourself mentally for the test day. Keep all your documents ready that you need to show as identification proofs at the exam center.
  • Instead of getting panic, stay cool and calm on the day of the examination.

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