EMT Exams in Oregon

If a candidate wishes to obtain an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certificate in Oregon, he/she has to clear the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) exams, based on a syllabus designed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). This exam is accepted nearly in all the states of the United States of America. Qualifying EMT exams in Oregon is an important step towards achieving the certification.

Components of the Exam

Cognitive Exam

The cognitive exam measures an applicant’s ability and level of competence in various emergency medical care skills. From the syllabus, you can expect 70-120 questions, which you have to answer adroitly. The candidate can’t change his/her answer once the choice has been made.

The student can expect questions from the following subject areas:

  • Cardiology & Resuscitation
  • EMS Operations
  • Respiration and ventilation
  • Medical & Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Trauma
  • Airway

You will not be allotted more than 2 hours to complete the exam.

Psychomotor Exam

The applicant has to prove his/her dexterity in the wide range of emergency medical care skills during his/her EMT curriculum. The instructor of the applicant must make sure that he/she delivers safe and effective medical care skills in the following:

  • Medical Assessment
  • Long Bone Immobilization
  • Patient management/assessment of a medical patient
  • Shock Management
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Traction Splinting
  • Patient management/assessment of a trauma patient
  • Cardiac Arrest AED
  • Bleeding Control
  • Bag-valve-mask ventilation of an apneic patient
  • Spinal Immobilization Supine
  • Oxygen Administration
  • Spinal Immobilization Seated
  • BVM Ventilation
  • Joint Immobilization
  • Patient Assessment and Management
  • Upper airway adjuncts and suction
  • Trauma Assessment

Examination Registration and Scheduling Procedure

Students have been provided with 4 easy ways in order to register for the EMT exam. These services can be availed 24 hours a day.

Registering and Scheduling via the Internet

In order to register via the internet, the applicant must have an authorized Master or Visa card. Follow these simple steps to complete the registration procedure:

  • Create a log-in account on the PSI’s registration website, i.e. www.psiexams.com.
  • Provide all the requisite information in the registration form.
  • Choose your current EMT institution from the list of institutions provided in the drop-down box.
  • Enter the number and expiry date of your valid Visa or Master card.
  • Submit the form after filling it completely and correctly.
  • Choose from the available exam dates and locations to schedule the test.

Registering and Scheduling via Telephone

The candidate can also complete the registration through telephone during the business, as well as non-business hours.

  • Through the PSI’s Interactive Voice Response System (IVR), the student can register during the non-business hours.
  • In order to register during the business hours, the candidate has to take the help of the registrars.
  • Provide the required Visa or Master card number along with the expiry date to pay the test fee.
  • After the candidate is registered successfully, he/she can choose from the available exam dates and locations to schedule his/her exam.

Registering and Scheduling via Fax

To register via fax, the candidate must have a legally issued Master or Visa card.

  • Fill the registration form correctly and provide all information, needed in the form.
  • You have to provide the number and expiry date of the Visa or Master card.
  • Fax the accurately filled registration form to the PSI.
  • Make sure that you have provided the accurate information, or else the registration form will be returned to you for improvements.
  • After the candidate is registered, he/she can choose the next available examination dates and locations to schedule the exam.

Note: 4 business days are taken to process the fax registration.

Registering and Scheduling via Standard Mail

Standard mail enables the candidate to pay for the exam fee, without sharing his/her Visa or Master card number.

  • To complete the registration procedure via standard mail, the candidate has to fill the form correctly.
  • The applicant has to make the payment through money order or cashier’s check. He/she needs to properly assign the fee to the PSI by providing his/her signature on the money order.
  • After that, mail the registration form and money order to the PSI, in order to get registered.
  • After registration, you can opt from the available dates and locations to schedule the exam.

Note: Fees deposited through personal checks, cash and company checks will be rejected.

Cancellation and Rescheduling of an Examination

In order to cancel the appointed examination, you are expected to inform the PSI two days ahead of the scheduled exam. In this way, your exam will get cancelled, and you will also get back your test fee.

If the candidate wishes to reschedule for an examination, he/she can follow the procedure mentioned above and can avail the services of the PSI any time in a day.

Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation

The candidate’s registration will be viewed as invalid, his/her examination fee will not be refunded and he/she will not be allowed to give an exam, if:

  • The candidate comes after the exam has been started, or
  • He/she doesn’t provide identification documents for the verification purpose, or
  • The student doesn’t appear in the exam, or
  • The applicant forgets to notify the PSI about the cancellation of the test 2 days before the appointed exam.

Reporting to the Examination Site

In order to report to the examination site, the candidate must arrive 30 minutes before the given time. An applicant must bring 2 ID forms for verification. The first identification form can be a driver’s license, military ID, passport or state ID, which must be issued by the government. It must have the candidate’s signature and full name, along with a photograph. The second ID must contain the applicant’s signature and lawfully pre-printed name.

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Intermediate and Paramedic candidates must have their current EMT certification card. They can also bring the reinstatement letter issued by the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) if they have missed their current EMT certification card.

Exam Results and Retest Information

To check the result, an applicant can log-in to the NREMT’s website after 24 hours of giving the exam. Successful candidates will be sent the national certification credentials by the NREMT.

Those candidates, who are unsuccessful in passing the examination, will receive an information sheet from the NREMT. This sheet will indicate their performance as “below”, “near”, or “average”. Through this sheet, the candidate will be able to know his/her weak areas and thus, can improve for the next exam.

In order to retest, the aspirant has to apply after fifteen days of the last examination. Six opportunities will be provided to the candidates for clearing the exam. After the first three attempts, you will have to present your identification documentation for the verification. After three additional attempts, you are ought to provide the other required documents for the national certification.

The applicant has to repeat the entire EMT medical care program, if he/she remains unsuccessful in all the six attempts.

Tips for Preparing for the Exams

  • Study from your EMT textbook.
  • You can also use reference books to read more and gain knowledge for the exam.
  • Use practice sheets to improve your speed.
  • Read the difficult chapters thoroughly. Pay more attention to some important topics, like respiration and airway.
  • Take a good sleep the night before the examination.
  • Eat healthy and protein-rich breakfast to stay active during the test.
  • Keep your mind calm and composed while solving the question paper.
  • Don’t waste your time by sticking to just one question. Review a question for 40-50 seconds, and then move to the other question.
  • Complete your exam in the allotted time.

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