EMT Exams in Tennessee

EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technicians. They are also known as ambulance technicians and are proficient in providing first aid relief to the patients in various cases of emergency, like trauma, accident, injury, or any other kind of crisis. EMT exams are conducted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and are aimed to assess the candidate’s performance in different areas of emergency care. In order to become an EMT, the aspirant is supposed to undergo program of required hours and qualify the exams in order to become eligible for certification.

Components of the EMT Exams

Cognitive Exam

This exam is aimed to test the applicant’s skills in various areas of emergency, such as airways, respiration, ventilation, cardiology, gynecology, medical obstetrics, and all other EMS operations. Besides, there are also a few special considerations in the cognitive examinations, like abuse and assault, geriatrics, and treating challenged people.

Psychomotor Exam

Psychomotor examination aims to assess the candidate’s knowledge and dexterity in providing emergency care to the victims. It includes the following areas:

  • Management/assessment of the trauma patient
  • Bleeding control
  • Bag-valve management of an apneic patient
  • Traction splinting
  • Administration of oxygen to an unconscious patient
  • Management/assessment of a medical patient
  • Oxygen administration to a breathing patient
  • Long bone fracture immobilization
  • Spinal bone immobilization

Registration and Scheduling for the EMT Exams

When an EMT aspirant completes his/her program and wishes to take a step further, he/she needs to take up the Emergency Medical Technician exams and clear them all in order to get the national certification and licensure. Only after being certified, one can practice as a qualified medical technician.

Candidates can register for the examination via telephone, internet, fax or standard mail.

Registration and Scheduling through Standard Mail

This is the only method of registration that doesn’t require any credit card for registration. Candidates registering via this method are required to fill the registration form find inside the local bulletin and make the payment either through money order or banker’s check. All the aspirants paying through this method should make sure that their name is printed on the money order or check to ensure that the fee is assigned properly.

Internet Registration and Scheduling

It is the fastest mode of registration and aspirant registering via this method need to have a valid Master/Visa card in order to enter its number and expiration date. Once you duly fill and submit your registration form, you will be directed to a page where you can choose the appropriate date and location to take the EMT tests.

Telephone Registration and Scheduling

Telephone registration is the second fastest mode to get registered for the EMT exams in the state of Tennessee. For this type of registration as well, you need to possess a valid Master/Visa card and submit its number and expiration date over the phone. Candidates registering via this method also have the opportunity to register during the non-business hours through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response System).

Fax Registration and Scheduling

This is yet another method to get registered for the EMT exams. This mode of registration also demands a valid Master/Visa card. You are required to fill the details of your credit card in the registration form, such as its expiry date and number. While filling and submitting your form via this method, make sure that the information entered by you is thoroughly correct, as any incorrect information will make the authorities resend the form to you.

Cancellation and Rescheduling of the EMT Exams

Candidates are supposed to take up the EMT exams on the chosen date and location, but they can also cancel and reschedule their appointment subjected to certain terms and conditions. An aspirant willing to cancel his/her appointment is expected to inform 2 days prior to the scheduled date of examination. For example, if the scheduled date of the test is Wednesday, the student is expected to inform latest by Monday in order to cancel it.

Aspirants can even reschedule the exam appointment, which is again subjected to certain clauses. First, the applicant can’t reschedule the examination on the same day due to scoring and reporting procedures. However, rescheduling can be done either on the next day or the day after, depending upon the seat and location availability.

Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation

If the candidate desires to cancel his/her examination, but fails to inform minimum two days before the scheduled date, it will be counted in the ‘late cancellation’. In the following cases as well, the student’s appointment will be considered as either ‘missed appointment’ or ‘late cancellation’.

  • If the candidate doesn’t inform about his/her absence, and not even turns for the exam.
  • If the applicant arrives much later after the exam has already commenced.
  • If the aspirant arrives for the examination on time, but fails to present the valid form of identity proof.

Reporting to the Exam Site

It is advised to all the aspirants to report at the examination site a minimum of 30 minutes before the exam commences in order to complete the sign-in process and also get acquainted with the testing process. Reporting later than that will make the candidate lose the chance of taking the test and his/her registration will get cancelled. Also, the fee will not be refunded.

At the time of reporting to the examination site, the applicant is supposed to present at least two forms of identity proofs to get through the sign-in process. Out of the two identity proofs, one has to be a government-issued ID card with your signature and photograph on it.

Before the exam begins, students are also required to sign a bond letter, which states that he/she will maintain the confidentiality of the examination and shouldn’t share any information pertaining to test outside the center.

Candidates are also not supposed to bring certain valuables and commodities, which are prohibited by the authorities. It includes:

  • Watches and alarms
  • Laptops, cameras, camcorders, recorders, cell phones, iPads, and iPods.
  • Dictionaries, thesauruses, reference materials, notes.
  • Handbags and bag packs
  • Colored pens and ball point pens

Note- No student ID card or employment card will be considered as genuine. So, please do not bring them as your identity proof(s).

Exam Results

In order to successfully pass the EMT exams, the applicants are required to score at least 80 percent marks. Apart from that, the results of all the students will be reviewed analytically to make sure that it is purely authentic.

The candidate is given maximum 6 attempts to clear the EMT exams. After three unsuccessful attempts, you are supposed to present an official document of completion of remedial program. Upon presenting this document, you will be allowed to take 3 more attempts. If you remain unsuccessful in clearing the examination even after 6 attempts, you will be required to undergo the Emergency Medical Technician program all over again.

Results of all the candidates will be posted on a password generated website, which maintains the confidentiality of the results. Only the aspirant will be able to view his/her result, and no one else would be able to see it. Before viewing the result, the applicant is supposed to enter the social security number and date of birth, which was provided at the time of registration.

Tips for Preparing for the EMT Exams

  • Before solving the test paper, try to understand the questions and then answer accordingly.
  • While preparing for the EMT examinations, make sure that you cover all the topics without omitting any important information.
  • Study topics, such as airways and respiration, much in detail as most of the questions are put up from these topics.
  • Stay extremely calm and composed, and also keep nervousness and anxiety pangs at bay to nail the tests.
  • Do not take too many breaks voluntarily as it is going to be deducted from the official exam timings.
  • Pen down all the important information as it will help you learn the difficult topics faster.

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