EMT Exams in Hawaii

Emergency Medical Technicians are trained and skilled in order to provide first aid to the suffering patients and rescue them in the various cases of emergencies, like trauma, injury, accident, and natural disaster. In order to become a qualified EMT, an aspirant is supposed to first complete his/her program, and then clear all the examinations hold by the certification authorities. EMT exams in Hawaii are conducted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Components of the EMT Exams

Cognitive Exam

The cognitive exam allows the candidates to showcase their abilities and skills in the various areas, such as airways, respiration, cardiology, gynecology, obstetrics, ventilation, and all other kinds of EMS operations. It’s a computer adaptive test (CAT), in which, an EMT aspirant is required to solve the given set of questions (ranging from 70-120) in the allotted time of 2 hours.

Psychomotor Exam

Psychomotor exam tests your abilities in several areas of emergency care, and includes topics, such as assessment/management of both medical and trauma patients, bag-valve-management of an apneic patient, bleeding control, traction splinting, oxygen administration to a breathing and unconscious patient, immobilization of the spinal bone, long bone fracture immobilization, etc.

Registration and Scheduling for the EMT Exams

When an aspirant completes his/her EMT program and wishes to obtain a certificate and licensure, he/she needs to clear all the exams conducted by the NREMT. He/she is supposed to contact the certification office in order to become eligible to take up the exams. As the authorities find the aspirant eligible for the exam, they will send him/her a notification mail approving his eligibility. Upon getting eligible, he/she can register for the exams from the various available methods.

Registration and Scheduling through Internet

It is the fastest method to get registered for the EMT exams in the state of Hawaii. For this type of registration, you need to have a valid Visa/Master card. As you fill up your registration form, you will be asked to make available the details of your credit card, like the credit card number and its date of expiration. As you complete the form and submit it, you will be asked to choose from the given set of dates and locations to take up the exams.

Registration and Scheduling through Fax

For this type of registration as well, you need to have a valid Master/Visa card. While filling up the registration form, you are supposed to furnish the information about your credit card, such as its expiry date and number. Make sure that the information that you have entered is authentic, as if there is any incorrect information, it will be sent back to you for refilling. It is going to consume more time to get registered for the exams.

Registration and Scheduling through Telephone

It is the second fastest mode for registration for EMT exams in Hawaii. You need to have a valid credit card for registering via the telephone, and you need to provide the credit card number and its expiration date to complete the registration process. Candidates also have the opportunity to register during the non business-hours through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Registration and Scheduling through Standard Mail

This is the apt method for all those, who do not like to reveal their private and confidential credit card information to anyone. For registering through this method, you need to make your payment via banker’s check or money order. While making your payment via this method, make sure that you have your name written properly on the money order to ensure that your fee is assigned properly.

Cancellation and Rescheduling the Exams

If the candidate doesn’t want to take up the exam on the scheduled date, he/she can get it cancelled or even postpone for the future date. There are a few terms and conditions associated with the cancellation and rescheduling.

In order to get the exam cancelled, the applicant is supposed to notify at least 2 days before the scheduled date of the examination, else his/her registration may get cancelled and he/she won’t be refunded any fee. For example, if the exam is scheduled on Friday, you should notify by Wednesday in order to cancel the exam.

If the candidate wishes to cancel the exam, but at the same time, also wants to reschedule it, he/she can do it, but not on the same date and day due to scoring and reporting processes. For example, if the scheduled day is Wednesday and the aspirant wants to reschedule it, he/she can choose either Thursday or Friday depending upon the availability of seats.

Late Cancellation or Missed Appointment

As stated above, the student must notify the authorities minimum 2 days before the scheduled examination date in order to get it cancelled. However, if you fail to do so, it comes under the category of ‘late cancellation’ and in such a case, your fee will be forfeited and your registration might also be considered as invalid.

In the following cases as well, registration might be considered as invalid:

  • The candidate arrives late after the test has already been commenced.
  • The applicant doesn’t notify his/her absence, and even doesn’t turn up for the exam.
  • The student fails to provide the identification proof at the time of reporting to the exam site.

Reporting to the Examination Site

All the aspirants are expected to report to the exam center minimum 30 minutes before the commencement of the test in order to sign-in properly and also get acquainted with the other examination procedures.

At the time of signing-in, the aspirant is supposed to present at least 2 forms of identity proofs. One of them has to be mandatorily issued by the government. It can be a state ID card, driving license, or a passport. All these identity proofs must have your name, photograph and signature over them to be validated as genuine.

Besides these identifications, all the Paramedics and Intermediates are also required to carry their current EMT certification or a reinstatement letter issued by the Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), in order to test further.

As the exam begins, all the aspirants are provided with a bond letter, which they are supposed to sign essentially. The letter states that no candidate is allowed to share any kind of confidential information related to the exams with any other candidate.

There are also a few items and commodities, which are absolutely prohibited at the exam center, and they are:

  • Laptops, cell phones, cameras recorders, camcorders
  • Watches and alarms
  • Dictionaries and thesauruses
  • Reference materials and notes (bounded or leafed)
  • Ball point pens or colored pens

One must also note that all the employment and student ID cards will be considered as invalid and counterfeit. So, do not present such kinds of identity proofs.

Exam Results

It is expected from an aspiring candidate to score the minimum marks in order to successfully clear the examination. The minimum marks for clearing the exams are 80 percent, and results of all the candidates are analyzed statistically to make sure the accuracy and authenticity of the results.

Results will be posted on the website and only the candidate will be able to view his/her result by entering his/her date of birth and social security number. Students should also note that in no case, their result will be narrated over the phone, sent via the mail, or given in person.

In order to view the result, the applicant has to go through the following steps:

Step#1- Log into the website and choose the option ‘grade report’.

Step#2- Next; choose ‘profession’ from the given options.

Step#3- You will see a screen that will ask you to enter the details, such as your date of birth, as well as the social security number.

Step#4- The screen showing your result will get popped-up, revealing whether you have passed or failed the examination.

All the candidates are treated on equal grounds and given 6 attempts to clear the examinations. If the student remains unsuccessful even after 3 attempts, he/she is supposed to present an official document that states the completion of twenty-four hours of remedial program. Post that, he/she is further given 3 additional attempts to clear the exams. However, if the candidate fails in clearing the exams even after attempting 6 chances, he/she is required to undergo the EMT program program, afresh.

Tips for Clearing the EMT Exams

  • Answer only to what is being asked of you. Don’t beat around the bush and give relevant answers.
  • Stay calm and have a check over your nervousness and anxiety pangs. Anxiety and nervousness are more likely to hinder your success.
  • The NREMT is more likely to ask questions on topics, such as airways and respiration. Pay more attention to these topics and cover them much in detail in order to nail the exams.
  • Look for the present signs of criticality in the questions, and then try to solve them accordingly.
  • Solve as many online test papers as you can. Through such papers, you are going to make out your strengths and weaknesses. Pay more heed to the topics where you scored lesser as compared to other topics.
  • Do not take many breaks during your exam time as it is likely to be deducted from your official timings.

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