EMT Exams in Indiana

The EMTs or Emergency Medical Technicians are people, who are dexterous and proficient in providing all sorts of emergency care to the sufferer till the time the sufferer is rescued to the hospital. EMTs are trained in various areas of emergency skills so that they can provide a relief in cases, such as trauma, injuries, accidents, or other kinds of casualties. In order to become an Emergency Medical Technician, the candidate is required undergo a program session, which is held by the health department of the respective state. After completing the program session, the candidate is supposed to take up EMT exams in Indiana and clear them to obtain a national certificate and licensure to practice their profession.

Components of the EMT Exams

Cognitive Exams

Cognitive exam conducted by the NREMT is designed in such a way that tests a candidate’s proficiency and dexterity in various fields of emergency care, like airways, respiration, ventilation, gynecology, obstetrics, and other EMS operations.

Topics, such as abuse and assault, geriatrics, dealing with challenging patients, and neonatology are some other specific considerations under this exam.

Psychomotor Exams

The psychomotor exams assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills in several areas of emergency skills, such as management/assessment of trauma patients, assessment/management of medical patient, bleeding control, traction splinting, bag-valve management of apneic patient, oxygen administration to both- breathing and unconscious patients, long bone fracture immobilization, spinal bone fracture immobilization, etc.

Registration and Scheduling for the EMT Exams

In order to obtain a certificate or license to practice your skills, you are required to notify the certification office that you are willing to take up the examinations. Upon finding you eligible enough to take up the exams, you will be sent an eligibility postcard telling you the steps and modes to register for the EMT exams in Indiana.  The candidate can proceed further by choosing from amongst the various methods to get registered for the tests.

Internet Registration and Scheduling

It is the fastest method to register yourself for the EMT exams in the state of Indiana, and you need to have a valid Master/Visa card for the same. While filling the registration form, you are also required to fill up the credit card number and its expiration date. As your registration gets completed, you will be asked to choose your preferred dates and location where you want to take the exam.

Telephone Registration and Scheduling

Next to the internet, it is the fastest mode to get registered for the examinations. For this type of registration also, you need to have a valid Master/Visa card, and reveal the credit card number and its expiration date upon asking. Registering through this method has one benefit that the aspirants can register during the non-business hours as well through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVR).

Registration and Scheduling via Standard Mail

This method of registration is meant for all the aspirants, who do not want to register through the credit card because either they do not have it, or if they have, they do not want to share the related confidential information with anyone. Registration through this method requires the candidates to pay through either money order or banker’s check. It is advised to all the candidates opting for this payment method to make sure that their name is clearly mentioned on the check or money order in order to ensure that the fee is appropriately assigned. You can find the registration form in the local bulletin.

Fax Registration and Scheduling

This is yet another mode of registering you for the EMT tests. In order to register via this method, you need to have a valid Master/Visa card and fill its number and expiration date in the form. While filling the registration form and sending it via the fax, make sure that all the information entered by you is absolutely correct as any incorrect information will make the authorities send the form back to you for rectifications.

Cancellation and Rescheduling of the EMT Exams

If a candidate has scheduled his/her exams on a particular date, but doesn’t want to take up the test on that date, he/she can get it cancelled by notifying the concerned authorities at least 2 days prior the scheduled date of examination. For example, if your test is scheduled on Thursday and you want to cancel it, you must notify on Tuesday at least, else; your registration may be considered as invalid and your fee will be forfeited.

Aspirants can also reschedule their examination, but not on the same day due to reporting and scoring process. However, you can get the exam scheduled on either the next day or the day after.

Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation

As told earlier, it is mandatory for all the candidates to notify their absence at least 2 days prior the examination, and if the student still not notifies within this period, his/her registration will get cancelled. Moreover, he/she won’t be returned with any fee as it will come under the category of ‘missed appointment’.

Besides, if an aspirant arrives late after the exam has started, or arrives on time, but fail to present a valid identity proof, he/she will not be permitted to show up for the exam. If the candidate doesn’t turn up for the test and not even notifies for his/her absence, his/her registration is likely to get cancelled in that case also.

Reporting to the Examination Site

While reporting to the examination site, make sure that you report a minimum of 30 minutes before the scheduled exam time in order to complete the sign-up process. If you fail to make it to the examination center minimum ½ an hour before, your registration might get cancelled.

Upon signing-in at the exam center, the student is supposed to present 2 forms of identity proofs. One, out of them, should be government issued ID card, like sate ID, passport, or driving license. In no case, student ID and employment ID cards will be considered as genuine. Therefore, the candidates shouldn’t get these ID cards as identity proofs.

As you start writing the exam, you are supposed to first sign a bond letter stating that you will not share any confidential information with any other applicant.

Besides, there is also a prohibition to bring in certain belongings, like laptops, cell phones, camcorders, recorders, alarms, watches, thesauruses, dictionaries, reference materials of all sorts whether bounded or leafed, iPads, iPods, etc.

Exam Results

In order to successfully clear the EMT exams in the state of Indiana, an aspirant is supposed to obtain a minimum of 80 percent marks. Besides, grades and scores of all the candidates are reviewed analytically so that there is no mistake in the publication of the results, and also to ensure that the results are accurate and authentic.

Results of all the candidates- whether they have passed or failed in the exams, are published on the certification website, which is entirely password generated. All the candidates are supposed to enter their respective date of birth (s) and also the social security number(s) in order to view their results.

In order to view the results, candidates are required to go through the following steps:

Step#1- Begin by logging into the website, and click on ‘grade report’ from the available options.

Step#2- Next; choose the option ‘profession’ from the list of options that follow.

Step#3- A screen will be flashed asking you to enter your date of birth and social security number. Enter the required details.

Step#4- As you enter the details, your result will be published on the screen telling you whether you have passed or failed the exams.

If you want to have a hard copy of your result, you can take printout of it directly from the website. In no case, your result will be handed over to you in person by the certification office, or sent via the mail, or narrated over the phone. So, it is requested to all the aspirants not to call the certification office in this regard.

Aspirants are given 6 attempts to clear the EMT exams. After three unsuccessful attempts, the student is given 3 additional attempts subjected that he/she has to present an official document, which proves the completion of his/her remedial program. The candidate can apply for a re-exam only after 15 days of his/her current examination.

Tips for Preparing for the EMT Exams

  • Alertness and confidence are must to nail any exam and EMT exams are no exception. You should keep nervousness and anxiety at bay and solve your test with great confidence.
  • Begin answering after understanding the signs of criticality hidden in the questions.
  • Before your main exam, you should always solve virtual test papers to keep a check on time that you are consuming to solve the test paper. Moreover, it helps you know the areas of your strength and weakness. Pay more attention to the areas where you scored lesser marks in the virtual test paper.
  • Do not omit any information or topic. Always read all the topics much in detail. Study all the available reference material to get through the examination in just one attempt.
  • There are a few topics, which are of utmost importance, such as airways and respiration. The NREMT is likely to put up maximum questions about these topics. So, it is advised to all the aspirants to study these topics in detail to nail the final exam.
  • Do not answer irrelevantly and answer to only what is being asked of you.
  • Do not take too many breaks during the official time of the test as it is going to be deducted from your allotted time.

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