EMT Exams in Colorado

EMT examinations are meant for those candidates, who aspire to become a qualified Emergency Medical Technician in the United States of America. For the sake of becoming a qualified EMT, you need to undergo a program, which includes both- theoretical classes and practical sessions. To determine whether an applicant is skilled in providing the first aid services during various casualties, such as traumatic injuries, accidents, or any other medical conditions, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians conducts an exam. All the candidates undergoing the EMT program are expected to clear these exams in order to obtain the national certificate and licensure.

Components of EMT Exams in Colorado

Cognitive Exam

Cognitive exam is taken through a computer, but you need not to be an expert in computer for taking your test. You will be directed how to give your exam before the commencement of the test. You can anticipate 70 to 120 multiple-choice questions, which you need to complete in 2 hours. This exam will test your skills and competency in the following areas, like:

  • Airway, respiration, and ventilation
  • Cardiology and resuscitation
  • Trauma
  • Medical/obstetrics/gynecology
  • All sorts of other EMS operations

There are a few special considerations on the topics, such as neonatology, pediatrics, geriatrics, specially challenged patients, abuse and assault, and acute interventions.

Psychomotor Exams

Throughout the EMT program program, candidates are required to demonstrate their prowess and competency to the maximum in the field of emergency care. In order to pass the psychomotor exams successfully, you need to show your levels of competency in the areas, such as assessment of the trauma patients, cardiac arrest management, spinal immobilization, mouth-to-mouth supplementation of oxygen, and oxygen administration to a breathing patient.

Registration and Scheduling of EMT Exams

Before scheduling for the examination, the candidate is required to apply to the Paramedic Certification Office of Colorado in order to get himself/herself eligible to appear for the examination. Once the organization finds the candidate to be eligible for taking up exams, he/she is sent an eligibility postcard with a few terms, associated with the eligibility:

  • A candidate should pass the exams within the six months of authorization period.
  • A candidate should clear all the exams in the 6 given attempts.

You must pay the complete fee at the time you register for exams making sure that the information entered by you is accurate, signed, and authentic. You can register yourself through various means, like the internet, telephone, standard mail, and fax.

Internet Registration and Scheduling

Registering for EMT exams in Colorado is the fastest method to get yourself registered for EMT exams. In order to register via the internet, you need to enter the credit card (Master/VISA card) number and its expiration date. As you complete your registration, you will be directed to a page to choose your desired dates and locations.

Telephone Registration and Scheduling

After the internet, telephone registration is the second fastest method to get registered for EMT exams in Colorado. Even during the non-business hours, you can register over the telephone through interactive voice response system (IVR). You need to have a valid Master/VISA card and also have to submit your valid credit card number and its expiration detail for registration purpose.

Fax Registration and Scheduling

For fax registration as well, you need to have a valid credit card and you need to fill in the requisite details. However, if any kind of errors will be found in your registration form, it will be returned to you for amendments. Normally, it takes 4 days to complete your request via this method.

Registration and Scheduling through Standard Mail

It is meant for those, who do not want to reveal their credit card details. In this case, you need to make payment through banker’s check or money order to complete your registration. Make sure that your name is printed on the money order or banker’s check to ensure that your fee is properly assigned.

Note: In all the above cases, you will be required to submit your social security number to get yourself registered.

Cancellation or Rescheduling of Examination

There is also a provision of cancelling and rescheduling your exam dates, in case; you have not prepared satisfactorily or don’t want to appear in the exam on the same date. But, you need to inform 2 days prior to your scheduled exam date. For example, if your examination is scheduled on Wednesday, you need to inform by Monday in order to get it cancelled and reschedule it.

You can also reschedule an appointment, in case; you have not done well in the exams. But, that is not possible on the same day due to reporting and scoring procedures. You can reschedule it the next day or even the day after depending upon the availability of the space at the exam center.

Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation

It is advised to all the candidates to be on time and reach at the exam site at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time, as if you will get late, your registration will be cancelled and moreover, your fee will also not be refunded.

Besides, in the following cases too, your fee will not be refunded and registration will get cancelled.

  • If you reach at the exam site later than the scheduled time.
  • If you fail to present a valid ID proof at the exam center, the authorities may disqualify you from taking up the exams.

Reporting to the Examination Site

All the candidates should report a minimum ½ hour before the scheduled examination timing to get familiarized with the whole process of testing. Post signing in, you are required to present two proofs of identity. One of them should be a government issued ID card, like driving license or passport.

Before the commencement of the examination, candidates are required to sign a confidentiality bond stating that you agree not to share any exam content with anyone. You are provided 15 minutes to read and sign the bond. However, this time is not included as a part of the main examination timing.

Note: Student ID cards and employment ID cards are not considered as genuine ID proofs. Therefore, do not carry them along with you.

There are a few other things, which are not permitted by the NREMT to carry at the exam center. They are as follows:

  • All the electronic devices, like laptop, camera, recording devices, cellular phones, iPods, iPads, calculators, etc.
  • Watches and alarms
  • Backpacks, handbags, purses, briefcases
  • Any sort of reference material or notes, whether bounded or loose
  • Dictionary and thesaurus
  • Weapons
  • Foods, beverages, tobacco and such chewable products
  • No candidate is allowed to bring ball point pens or colored pens

Exam Results

All the candidates, who score 80 percent or more in EMT exams, are considered as successful candidates. Prior releasing results, grades of all the candidates are reviewed and analyzed statistically to ensure accuracy and authenticity of the results. Results are posted on the password-secured website where a candidate is able to view only his/her score and not other’s score. In order to view result, you are required to enter your DOB (Date of Birth) along with social security number.

Exam results will only be published on the internet, and if you want a hard copy of it, you can take out a print of the same. No results will be sent via mail, or narrated over the telephone, or not even be given personally. However, candidates, who get failed in their current exam, may reapply for the next exam past 15 days of getting results.

A candidate is given maximum 6 opportunities to clear the exams, failing to which, he/she needs to complete the EMT program again. After three unsuccessful attempts, the aspirant should submit the official document of 24 hours of remedial program, and go for another three attempts.

In order to view your result, you need to follow the below given steps:

  • Log into the website and choose the option- “Grade Report” from the various given options.
  • Next step is to choose the option- “Profession”.
  • A screen will pop up asking you to enter your DOB and social security number.
  • Now, click on the option “Exam Results”
  • After that, a screen would pop-up automatically showing you the status of your result.

Tips for Preparing for EMT Exams

  • While you study for exams, make sure to jot down the important points.
  • Read all the questions thoroughly and attentively. Answer only what is being asked to you without assuming things on your own.
  • There are a few topics, which NREMT is most likely to ask, like respiration and airways. Always pay more attention to these topics.
  • There are many practice tests going on over the internet. It is advised to all the candidates to take up such tests to know their areas of strength and weakness. Pay more heed to the topics in which, you score lesser in practice tests.
  • A variety of reference materials related to EMT are available on the internet and in the market. Go through them covering up each and every topic to nail the examinations.
  • Stay calm and composed, and control the anxiety pangs going inside you, as they are likely to ruin your chances of clearing up the exams.
  • While you appear for the exams, make sure that you take lesser breaks voluntarily as such breaks are deducted from your official exam time.

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