EMT Certification in Alabama


Students must complete EMT program from a state-approved institute in order to get EMT certification in Alabama. Students receive their EMT certification from a government agency, called as NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians), which provide registration to all the emergency medical technicians from all over the country. The student needs to pass both the cognitive and psychomotor NREMT exams, and then, they are certified as national EMT.

The candidate must pass the cognitive exam, which is a test comprising around 70-120 questions that are required to be answered in 2 hours duration. The question paper includes topics, such as airway management, ventilation, oxygen therapy, EMS operations, cardiology, health emergencies and other traumas. In the psychomotor or practical examination, a candidate’s capability to handle trauma situations, such as cardiac arrests, fractures, bleeding, joint dislocations, etc., are tested. If a candidate fails in the examination, he/she can sit for the next examination after 15 days. Six attempts can be made by the candidate to pass the exams successfully.

Once the students acquire their national certification, they are eligible to apply for a state license.

Requirements to Get EMT Certificate

  • The prospective candidate must be at least 18 years old.
  • The candidate must have completed his/her program from a state-approved program program in Alabama.
  • A CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification should be submitted by the candidate.
  • The candidate must have successfully passed the required NREMT exam in Alabama.
  • The candidate should be mentally and physically fit.
  • The candidate must be fluent in reading and writing English.
  • A background check is also compulsory to be certified as an EMT in Alabama.
  • A proof of citizenship in Alabama is also required to be submitted by the candidate.

Special Requirements to Get EMT Certificate

  • The candidate must submit an application along with the applicable fees to the state.
  • The candidate must have passed a state approved EMT exam.

Process of EMT Certification

The process of EMT certification goes as follows:

Step 1: Take EMT Program

First of all, the student needs to take EMT program, but only from a state-approved program college or institute. In Alabama, there are five levels of EMT certification- Emergency Medical Responder, EMT-Basics, EMT-Intermediate, Advanced EMT, as well as Paramedic.

Step 2: Apply for National Certification

The exam for national certification is set by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). The candidate must create an account first, if he/she needs to apply for certification. This is done in the following process:

  • The candidate needs to create his/her account on the NREMT website- http://www.nremt.org/, by clicking on the option of “Create New Account”.
  • Next, click on the option of “Create Initial Entry Application”. This will create a new application through which, the candidate can apply for the exam.
  • Now, the candidate should pay the fees. It is better if he/she pays the application fee soon after completing the online application. Though, the candidate can also pay later.
  • After you have applied for the exam, you are required to check the status of your application from time to time, and check for your Authorization to Test (ATT) letter. You will find the letter on the homepage of NREMT website by logging in with the password and username through which, you created your account. Here, click on the option of “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • If the website has submitted your details to the program you opted for, you will find ‘Submitted’ written next to the option of ‘Course Completion Verification’. This also indicates that it is waiting for approval from the program director.
  • However, if you see the option of ‘Not Submitted’ written next to the option of ‘Application Payment’ on your account, it means that you need to pay the fees before you get an ATT letter.
  • If you have paid the fees, and the course completion has been authorized by the education program director, this option will appear – “Print ATT Letter”.
  • Now, take out the print out of your ATT Letter and schedule or fix the date of your exam.

Important: The option of “Print ATT Letter” will appear on your NREMT account, only after completion of the verification process.

The ATT Letter will mention the instructions as to how the candidate can schedule his/her examination via “Pearson VUE” website.

However, the NREMT practical exams will be managed by state-approved program programs.

Step 3: Apply for the License

The third step that needs to be fulfilled by the candidate is the completion of “EMS Individual Licensure Application” process. The prerequisites for the application are a check on the background of the candidate, as well as a licensed photo.

 Step 4: A Check on the Background

Lastly, the process of certification also needs a background check of the candidate.

Renewal of EMT Certificate

A number of documents, as well as the application fee, are required for the renewal of an EMT certificate in Alabama.

Mentioned below are the fee options for the renewal of license:

  • A fee of $10.00 must be paid for a standard renewal of EMT Certificate for two years in Alabama. The fees can be paid either by a cheque or money order made to the ADPH (Alabama Department of Public Health) Office of EMS and Trauma.
  • The candidate must pay a sum of $5.00 for the renewal of EMT certificate for a year. The fees can be paid either by a cheque or through a money order made to the ADPH Office of EMS and Trauma.

EMTs are also required to attest a form either by an off-line Medical Director, or an on-line Medical Director or by an authorized designee. This form will be a proof of EMT’s knowledge and skills about the Alabama Treatment Protocols. As a part of this process, EMT’s are also required to orally answer any of the three protocol scenarios (provided by the State EMS Division), selected by the Medical Director or authorized designee. These protocol scenarios are based on the Alabama Treatment Protocols and the authorized designee signs off the document only after he/she is satisfied by the outcomes of verbal test of EMT’s knowledge. The document includes EMT’s name and license number, along with the signature of the Medical Director or authorized designee.

Basic Requirements for Renewal of EMT Certificate

The basic requirements for the renewal of EMT certificate in Alabama for all the three levels of EMT are:

  • An application for renewal of the certificate should be submitted by the candidate.
  • A continuing education of 24 hours, 36 hours and 48 hours (for EMT, intermediate and paramedic certification levels, respectively) on any subject related to EMS during the license process is mandatory.
  • A proof of U.S. citizenship along with the SAVE form or Lawful Presence of an Alien form with the documents.
  • The candidate must provide a clear copy of his/her driving license or a birth certificate.
  • A CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) course along with a CPR card, which is officially typed, is compulsory.
  • A photograph
  • A license fee


If you need any other assistance for EMT certification in Alabama, contact:

Alabama Department of Public Health Office of EMS and Trauma
The RSA Tower
201, Monroe Street, Suite- 750
Montgomery, Alabama- 36104
Contact Number: 614-888-4484/ 334-206-5383
Fax: (334) 206-5260

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