EMT Certification in Texas

In the state of Texas, the applicants can grab the opportunity to provide emergency medical services by securing authorized EMT certification. To master the skills and get certificate, aspirants need to complete the necessary program of required hours and clear both the practical as well as practical examinations conducted by the NREMT. The state of Texas follows the standards maintained by the National Registry. After obtaining the Emergency Medical Technician certificate, students can practice pre-hospital services.

EMT Certification Requirements

It is a must for every individual to satisfy certain requirements maintained by the state to acquire an EMT certificate. These requirements may differ from state to state. In Texas, candidates will need to accomplish the following requirements:

  • The applicant must have an age of 18 years or above to apply for certification.
  • The applicants have to complete the state-approved program program.
  • The candidates are bound to hold a high school diploma or GED.
  • All the students need to have a CPR program certificate.
  • The students also need to qualify yhe examinations at appropriate program level.
  • It is necessary for the applicants to be physically strong to lift 120 pounds.
  • An aspirant also needs to understand and speak the English language.
  • It is also mandatory for the applicants to provide the proof of lawful presence in the United States.
  • They need to qualify drug test and deposit fingerprint report.
  • They also have to pass out a background screening test.
  • An EMT aspirant also has to carry a valid driving license.
  • They also have to hold an affiliation from a licensed EMS agency.

Special Requirements

  • An EMT applicant will need to qualify practical examinations approved by the state of Texas.
  • The applicants are also mandated to deposit application fees with the application to the state.
  • The fingerprint report must be deposited by the applicants through FAST (Fingerprint Applicant Services of Texas).

EMT Certification Process

Every state follows approximately similar procedure to provide an EMT certificate to the prospective students. In the state of Texas, the process of obtaining certification includes the following steps:

1. Certified EMT Program

The certification process in Texas suggests the applicants to successfully complete the program, which covers the entire curriculum as mandated by the state. It is necessary to take the program from a state-approved center only.

2. Submit the Application for the National Certification

Once the candidates are done with program, they need to take the examinations endorsed by the NREMT. For this, an applicant has to go through the following steps:

  • Open an account by clicking on “Create New Account” option.
  • Similarly, create a new application by clicking on “Create Initial Entry Application” option.
  • Now, you are suggested to pay the application fees after the completion of the online application. You also have an option to pay it later.
  • To confirm the application status, the applicants will be required to click on “Check Initial Entry Status” after entering your username and password.
  • If “Submitted” option is visible next to the option of “Course Completion Verification”, it is the indication that your application information is forwarded to the program but its authorization from the education program director is still pending.
  • If “Not Submitted” option is seen by the applicants next to the “Application Payment”, then it infers that the students have to deposit the application fees. Only after the payment of the fee, the link of “Print ATT Letter” will be visible.
  • To schedule the examinations, print out the ATT letter.

3. Apply for the State Certification

In this step, the applicants will need to provide complete information in the Initial Application Form. Pay application fees with the application and mail it to the address mentioned below:

Texas Department of State Health Service

Address: Cash Receipts Branch, MC 2003, P.O. Box- 149347, Austin, Texas- 78714-9347

After taking examinations, applicants can get a license/certificate and ID card after 4-6 weeks of submission of the completed application form. The status of the application can be checked online.

4. Background Check

For qualifying the background check, applicants are required to submit the report of their fingerprints.

EMT Recertification Process

In Texas, the applicants have to renew or recertify their license after every 2 years for continuing their emergency medical practices. For the renewal of EMT certificate, the applicants are ought to fulfil some pre-requisites, which are explained below:

  • The applicants have to provide correct and complete information in the application.
  • It is essential that the applicant must be providing active emergency services to the rescue center, public safety unit, or fire-fighting center.
  • The candidates also need to complete continuing education hours at the apposite levels, which are:
    • Emergency Care Attendant (ECA): If an aspirant wants to recertify his/her license at ECA level, he/she needs to undergo 36 hours of continuing education.
    • Emergency Medical Technician- Basic: At this stage, the applicant is required to complete 72 hours of continuing education.
    • EMT-Intermediate: A candidate has to finish total 108 hours of continuing education to renew the certificate at this stage.
    • Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic: Recertification at EMT-P level requires a candidate to undergo 144 hours of continuing education.

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