EMT Certification in New Jersey

To apply for EMT certification in the state of New Jersey, the prospective candidates have to successfully complete a basic EMT coursework. This coursework should be authorized by the Department of Transportation. After completing the coursework, candidates have to pass a practical, as well as a computer-based examination, designed by NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician).

For providing Emergency Medical Technician license and certificate to the eligible candidates, the state of New Jersey used to consider the state licensure procedure. But, at present, it wholly considers NREMT certification procedure. It also completely relies on the standards and guidelines formulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

Requirements for EMT Certification in New Jersey

All the states have their own rules and regulations to check the eligibility of the candidates for EMT certification. However, several requirements are common in all states. Let us find out what are the essentialities for certification in the state of New Jersey?

  • The candidate is supposed to be of 18 years old.
  • All the applicants are obligated to finish New Jersey approved program coursework.
  • They also need to finish CPR program and obtain a CPR certificate.
  • All the applicants must have to clear the NREMT exams at the appropriate level.
  • The applicant is ought to be fit enough to lift and balance a weight of 120 pounds.
  • The candidates are believed to possess fluency in English language.
  • They should own a valid driving license.
  • Every individual has to submit his/her fingerprints and pass a drug test, as well as a background check.
  • Individuals must be able to show proof of General Education Development or high school diploma.
  • It is mandatory for the applicants to undergo various vaccinations intimated by the authorities.
  • Lastly, students should be able to show evidence of their nationality.

Special Requirements

  • The foremost requirement for an individual applying for EMT certification is to qualify a practical examination, conducted at state level.
  • All the applicants are ought to deposit application form with appropriate fee to the State of New Jersey Department of Health.

Process of EMT Certification

By following the below mentioned step-by-step procedure, an individual can acquire EMT certificate in the state of New Jersey:

1. The students have to complete EMT program curriculum from a state-acknowledged school or institute.

2. After completing program, a candidate becomes eligible to apply for national certification. The sequential steps for applying for national certification are:

  • First of all, an applicant has to create an account on NREMT’s official website.
  • Afterwards, one has to make an initial entry application.
  • When the information is filled correctly, pay the application charges.
  • Now, students need to keep an eye on their application status. For this, they have to log in to the site.
  • If beside “Course Completion Verification” the option of ‘Submitted’ is visible, it signifies that your information has been submitted by the site and is waiting for approval from the concerned education program director.
  • If ‘Not Submitted’ appears beside the “Application Payment”, then in this case, the candidate will receive ATT Letter only after paying fees.
  • After approval from education program director and payment of the fees, the link of “Print ATT Letter” will appear on your account.
  • Take out the print of ATT letter and schedule your examinations after reading the instructions mentioned on ATT letter.

3. When a candidate’s request for national certification is submitted, he/she has to clear a background check.

4. At last, the candidate can successfully apply for EMT licensing by visiting http://www.njlincs.net. Follow the directions provided in ‘Instructions for EMS Licensing Application’.

EMT Recertification Procedure

When a candidate wishes to recertify his/her certificate, he/she is supposed to fulfil certain standardized requirements, which are prescribed by the state. In New Jersey, the requirements are as follows:

  • The candidates must own current CPR certification.
  • An applicant must be actively engaged in offering emergency services or must be working for an EMS center, rescue center, or a fire-fighting center.
  • Before the expiration of certificate, candidate has to submit an application for renewal to the New Jersey Department of Health.

Besides this, students also have to undergo continuing education of certain hours at each level of certification.

  • Emergency Medical Technician- Basic: All the individuals have to attend a 24-hour refreshers curriculum and 48 hours of continuing education hours. They also need to pay $15.00 as application fees.
  • Emergency Medical Technician- Paramedic: The students need to complete state- acknowledged 24 hours of EMS educational program and 48 hours of refresher course. To process their request, candidates will have to pay $20.00.

Note: The processing charges (application fees) are non-refundable.

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