EMT Certification in Montana

EMT certification in Montana serves as a proof to establish the eligibility of a candidate in offering services in case of any emergency. Like other states, Montana also follows the standards formulated by the National Registry of EMT. The candidates applying for certification have to successfully complete the Emergency Medical Technician program and crack the NREMT psychomotor and cognitive examinations. The licensing procedure is maintained by the EMS and Trauma Systems section, which also regulates pre-hospital emergency medical services, like air-ambulance services, non-transporting medical units, etc.

Requirements for Getting EMT Certification

To acquire EMT certificate in the state of Montana, candidates have to fulfil the below mentioned specifications:

  • The candidates have to be possess an age of 18 years or above.
  • The applicants must be physically strong enough to lift and balance 120 pounds. Mental fitness is also equally important.
  • The most essential requirement is to complete EMT program program from a state-acknowledged institute.
  • The candidate must be deft (reading, writing and speaking) in English language.
  • The candidates have to give their fingerprints and qualify a drug test.
  • They are also required to qualify background check successfully.
  • It is mandatory for the prospective EMTs to carry a CPR certification.
  • The applicants have to present a lawful proof of presence in the country.
  • It is essential for an aspirant to have a GED or high school diploma.
  • They need to carry an authenticated driving license.

Special Requirements:

  • It is important for the applicants to deposit application with the required amount of fees to the state.
  • The prospective candidates must pass state-approved practical examination.

Process of EMT Certification

All the students, who aspire to offer emergency services in the state of Montana, have to go through these simple steps to obtain EMT certificate.

1. The candidates have to successfully complete four levels of program, including EMR, EMT-B, EMT-I, and EMT- P from an authorized program center.

2. Now, the applicants have to complete a process of applying for National Certification, which includes:

  • Create an account on the website http://www.nremt.org/.
  • After that, apply for taking your exam by clicking on ‘Create Initial Entry Application’.
  • After completion of online application, deposit the required amount of fees. You can also pay the fees afterwards.
  • Now, check the application status by clicking on ‘Check Initial Application Status’. If your information has been sent to the desired program and the acknowledgement from your education program director about course completion is awaited, then “Submitted” options will appear on the screen. If you find option “Not Submitted” next to “Application Payment”, you need to pay fees for getting an ATT (Authorization to Test) letter.
  • When the link “Print ATT Letter” appears on your account, click on it and take out the print.

3.Next step is to obtain a National Practitioner Data Bank self-query form by calling NPDB or visiting http://www.npdb-hipdb.hrsa.gov/. This form needs to be mailed to the address, mentioned on the form.

4. To complete the certification process, qualify a background check.

5. Lastly, candidates have to fill the information required in licensing application and submit it to Montana Board of Medical Examiners. Your application must include the following enclosures:

  • Evidence of GED or high school diploma
  • Birth certificate or authenticated driving license
  • Copy of NREMT card
  • Results of NPDB self-query
  • Fees to be paid in the form of money order or cheque. Fees required at each level are:
    • EMR: $20.00
    • EMT-B: $30.00
    • EMT-I: $40.00
    • EMT-P: $60.00

Renewal of EMT Certification

In the state of Montana, a candidate can recertify his/her certificate online, which usually requires a valid CPR certification and completion of 24-hour refresher course. This refresher course consists of 14 hours of VILT or Virtual Instructor Led Program sessions, under which questions and answers are discussed with a presenter. To complete this course, a candidate has to pay $249 for two years from initial signing up of the program.

The recertification requirements at each stage are similar, only hours of continuing education differs:

  • EMT-B: The candidates are required to finish 72 hours of education, including a 24- hour EMT refresher course approved by State of CECBEMS and 48 hours of additional EMS education. Besides this, the aspirant must possess CPR certification, and pay $15 as non-refundable processing fee.
  • EMT-I: The candidates have to complete 36 hours of additional EMS education and a 36-hour EMT-I refreshers coursework. The candidates are also required to pay processing fees amounting to $15, which is non-refundable.
  • EMT-P: To renew the certificate at this level, the candidates have to complete 48 hour state-approved refreshers course, additional EMS education of 24 hours, gain CPR certification, and pay $20 as processing fees.

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