EMT Certification in Nevada

For acquiring EMT certification in Nevada, candidates have to provide evidence of successful qualification of NREMT examinations. When an aspirant goes through a standard EMS program program, his/her chances to crack the exam and receive certificate gets doubled.

The application fees for certification and recertification differ in different states. To get EMT license, applicants have to submit a request application with a check of $10.00 to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioural Health (DPBH), formerly known as NSHD (Nevada State Health Division).

EMT Certification Requirements

The foremost requirement to provide emergency medical services in Nevada is to obtain EMT certification. For this purpose, you need to meet the following specifications.

  • The applicant aspiring to get EMT certification has to be of at least 18 years old.
  • You are ought to have evidence of high school or General Education Development.
  • All aspirants must compulsorily own a current CPR card.
  • A proof of citizenship is also an obligatory requirement to be fulfilled.
  • The applicants are also obligated to complete a state-recognised program curriculum from schools or community colleges.
  • It is essential to clear NREMT exam at respective program level.
  • Their physical condition must be fit enough to balance 120 pounds. They are also ought to be mentally sound.
  • The applicants have to qualify a drug test, as well as a background check.
  • The EMT aspirants have to carry an authenticated driver’s license.
  • Good command in English language is compulsory.
  • He/ she also needs to give fingerprints and get some essential vaccinations.

In addition, students have to accomplish some special requirements.

  • The applicants are ought to deposit the required fees along with the application to the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioural Health (DPBH).
  • The students also need to qualify the practical examinations conducted by the state.

Process of EMT Certification in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, you can acquire EMT certificate simply by following the under given steps:

1. The primary requirement is to undertake an Emergency Medical Technician program program through an institute or college having state recognition.

2. After the successful completion of program, candidates can apply for national certification. For this purpose, the process is as follows:

  • Create a new account on the National Registry of EMT’s official website. For this, visit http://www.nremt.org/ and clock on “Create New Account”.
  • For taking your examination, create a new application by clicking on “Create Initial Entry Application” option.
  • When you finish creating application, you can pay application fees or may opt to pay later.
  • To check the application status, open your account and look for the option of “Submitted”. If it appears, it means that the website has sent your information to the indicated program and is looking for verification by the concerned education program director. If “Not Submitted” appears beside the “Application Payment”, it indicates the fee payment is due and need to be submitted before obtaining the ATT Letter.
  • When all the information is verified, the link “Print ATT Letter” will appear on the screen. Take out the print, and schedule your exam according to the guidelines provided in the letter.

3. After this, you can apply for obtaining state license. You just need to fill information required in the EMS certification application. You need to attach a copy of CPR certificate, evidence of qualifying NREMT examination, and a money order or check of $10 to be paid to the Nevada State Health Division. Deposit it to

Nevada State EMS Office
4150 Technology Way, Suite- 101
Carson City, Nevada- 89706

Renewal of EMT Certificate

If a candidate wants to renew or recertify his license at any level, he/she can do so after fulfilling these requirements:

    • Applicant must be presently associated with a fire-fighting agency or rescue center.
    • The applicants should be a resident of Nevada, if not; he/she has to show proof of citizenship.
    • The aspirants have to deposit a copy of valid EMT certificate.
    • The candidates are also required to carry a valid CPR certificate.
    • If a candidate wants to recertify license at AEMT level, he/she has to submit a valid ACLS card.
    • The candidates have to pay the recertification fee in the form of money order or check, which has to be deposited to the Nevada State Health Division.
    • Along with the payment of the fees, the candidates have to complete Continuing Education hours at each stage.
      • First Responder: A candidate, at this stage, has to complete a state-approved 12 hours refresher course and pay $10 as processing fee.
      • EMT: At the second level, the applicant has to finish 24 hours of a refresher course and additional EMS course for 48 hours. The processing fee at this level is $20.
      • EMT-I: At this level of program, aspirant has to undergo a 36-hour EMT-I refresher course and 36 hours of additional coursework related to different skills. The processing charges are $15.
      • AEMT: The candidate has to complete 72 hours of continuing education coursework and submit a processing fee of $15.

Note: The processing charges are non-refundable.

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