EMT Certification in Wyoming

Like other states, acquiring EMT certification in Wyoming is not a difficult task. The aspirants just need to undergo program and clear the NREMT exam in order to get certified as the Emergency Medical Technician. After obtaining the certificate, applicants can begin offering the pre-hospital medical services in the state of Wyoming.

Requirements to Get an EMT Certificate

For obtaining the EMT certificate, candidates have to satisfy certain conditions formulated by the state of Wisconsin. These conditions are as follows:

  • All the EMTs have to successfully complete the program program, accredited by the state.
  • The minimum age to apply for certification is 18 years.
  • A high school diploma or GED must be possessed by the candidate.
  • An authenticated driver’s license is a must to hold.
  • The candidates are necessitated to hold the CPR program certificate.
  • Students must present evidence of legal citizenship of the United States.
  • The applicants have to qualify a fingerprint test.
  • Similarly, they also need to pass a background check and drug test.
  • An EMT aspirant is supposed to maintain good physical health so that he/she can carry up to 120 pounds.
  • Applicants are supposed to have outstanding communication skills, especially in the English language.
  • The candidates must hold affiliation from a licensed EMS agency.
  • Prospective EMTs are also required to undergo certain inoculations.

Specific Requirements

  • Along with the application form, it’s also essential to deposit the fee to the state.
  • It is necessary for the candidates to pass the practical tests (psychomotor exams), administered by the Wyoming State.

EMT Certification Process

The prospective EMTs in the state of Wyoming have to follow a proper sequence to obtain the Emergency Medical Technician certificate and license, with which, they can practice their emergency skills. The sequential process is as follows:

1. Certified Program Coursework

Like other states, this state also instructs the applicants to get admission in the recognized school or community college in order to complete the EMT program.

2. Application for the National Certification

After successful completion of the program, the aspirant becomes eligible to appear for the examinations, organized by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician. For this, applicants are supposed to create their accounts on the NREMT’s official website. Before scheduling examinations, one needs to fulfil the vital conditions, which include:

  • Receive ATT letter by contacting the Wyoming Office of EMS Trainer.
  • Receive an eligibility notification from the EMS Office for appearing in the examination.
  • Pay the authorization fee to the NREMT.
  • After receiving the ATT letter, go through the instructions to schedule your test. There are various testing locations, at which, the applicants can take examinations.

3. Qualify the Background Check

Once giving the exam, you need to pass a background check, administered by the WDCI (Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

4. License Application

The applicants are now required to apply for the state licensure. For this, they need to enclose the following documents with the application:

  • Copy of current CPR certificate or card
  • Application fee
  • Copy of the document proving completion of the EMT course
  • Documents of internship, laboratory and clinical practice

Renewal Process of the EMT Certificate

If the prospective Emergency Medical Technicians want to continue providing emergency services in Wyoming State, they need to renew their EMT certificate before its expiration date. Three essential requirements should be met by the applicants prior to recertification:

  • You must be currently working with the EMS agency, rescue center, or any other healthcare unit.
  • The recertification application must contain the complete information.
  • The applicants have to prove their ability by completing the continuing education hours at respective levels, such as:
    • EMR: CECBEMS or state-approved refresher course of 12 hours is compulsory to complete. The processing fee is $10.
    • EMT-Basic: It’s mandatory to complete 24 hours of refresher course and 48 hours of continuing education. The processing fee at EMT-B level is $15.
    • EMT-Intermediate: 36 hours of refresher course and 36 hours of continuing education are compulsory to complete for recertification at this level. The processing charges are $15.
    • EMT-Paramedic: The candidate will have to undergo 48 hours of refresher course and 24 hours of continuing education. Also, they have to shell out $20 as the processing fee.

Note: The processing fee charged at each level is non-refundable.

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