EMT Certification in Oklahoma

EMT certification in Oklahoma confirms that you are skilled and eligible to carry your career as an Emergency Medical Technician. The applicants in this state need to undergo an appropriate program curriculum from a recognized program center or community college. On the successful completion of the program program, applicants are ought to qualify examinations designed by the National Registry of EMTs  in order to acquire an EMT license.

EMT Certification Requirements

The criteria to obtain an Emergency Medical Technician certification in the state of Oklahoma are as follows:

  • 18 years is the minimum age requirement to apply for EMT certification.
  • You must have a GED or high school diploma as the education proof.
  • The applicants must hold a CPR program certificate.
  • It is necessary for the candidates to communicate in English language.
  • The physical strength of the applicant must be so that he/she can lift 120 pounds.
  • The applicant must hold proof of citizenship.
  • The students need to carry a valid driver’s license.
  • It is mandatory for all the aspirants to submit their fingerprints.
  • The EMT aspirants also need to pass a background check and a drug test.
  • An aspirant is required to get program from an approved school or institute.
  • Lastly, candidates have to undergo necessary vaccinations.

Special Criteria

  • The applicants have to qualify ALS (Administrative License Suspension) practical examinations.
  • The applicants have to deposit fees while submitting the application to the state.

EMT Certification Process

The prospective EMTs have to go through a process to obtain Emergency Medical Technician certificate and practice pre-hospital skills in the state. For this purpose, the following steps need to be followed:

1. State-approved EMT Program

The first step is to complete the appropriate level of EMT program from a community college or school, which has accreditation from the state.

2. Apply for National Certification

After completing the program, an applicant becomes entitled to apply for national certification and take examinations. But, before that, one needs to understand the procedure to schedule an examination, which is described below:

  • Make an account on http://www.nremt.org/ by clicking on “Create New Account”.
  • To make a new application, the candidate has to click on the option of “Create Initial Entry Application”.
  • If a candidate wants to pay fees, he/she can pay it after completion of the online application procedure. Nevertheless, the fees can also be paid later.
  • To check the application status, a candidate has to visit his/her own account and click on the option of “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • The authorization of the application by the concerned education program director is pending, if “Submitted” option is visible next to the “Course Completion Verification”.
  • The applicants need to pay application fees before receiving the ATT letter, if the option of “Not Submitted” is visible next to “Application Payment” option.
  • Schedule your examination after printing out ATT letter.

3. Background Check

The candidates have to effectively qualify a background check require by the state of Oklahoma.

4. Apply for the License

To apply for the license, you have to fill the application by going through the instructions mentioned in the form. It is necessary to fill the correct and complete information in the application form, otherwise; your application will get rejected. Documents to be enclosed with the application are:

  • Copy of NREMT card.
  • Application fee in the form of cheque or money order. The non-refundable amount at respective levels is:
    • EMT- Basic: $85.00
    • EMT- Intermediate: $160.00
    • EMT- Paramedic: $210.00

Now, mail this application and documents to the below mentioned postal address:

OSDH Financial Management
Address: P. O. Box- 268823, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma- 73126-8823
Contact Number: 405-271-4027

Renewal Process of EMT Certification

Similar to other states, the state of Oklahoma has also designed a set of requirements, which are to be fulfilled by the EMT applicants. These requirements are:

  • The applicants need to be currently associated with a rescue center, or EMS agency, or a fire-fighting center.
  • All the required information filled in the application form should be correct.
  • The application for recertification should be submitted before 30th September of the year when the license gets expired.
  • Go through the continuing education hours to show the constant competency.

Continuing Education Hours

  • EMR (Emergency Medical Responder): A candidate at the first responder level is required to finish a 12-hour EMR refresher course.
  • EMT-B (EMT- Basic): The applicants at this level have to complete Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) program of 4 hours as continuing education. They also have to complete a 24-hour EMT refresher course.
  • EMT-I (EMT- Intermediate): The length of ACLS program for EMT- Intermediate is 6 hours. Along with this, the candidates need to complete 36 hours of refresher course.
  • EMT-P (EMT- Paramedic): It is essential for the applicants to complete 48 hours of EMT-P refresher course.

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