EMT Certification in Missouri

In Missouri, a student becomes eligible for acquiring EMT certification, if he/she has successfully qualified examinations conducted by the National Registry of EMTs. Once a student receives national certification or license, it is believed that he/she is aware of all the pre-hospital emergency skills.

The certification procedure is regulated by NREMT. It is to be kept in mind that the certificate obtained after successful completion of program and clearing written as well as practical NREMT examinations lasts for maximum two years.

EMT Certification Requirements

The EMT applicants have to fulfil the following requirements in order to obtain an EMT certificate:

  • The candidates have to attain an age of 18 years or above.
  • High General Education Development (GED) or school diploma is the minimum educational requirement.
  • All the applicants have to complete program coursework from a state accredited EMT school.
  • Prospective EMTs have to finish state approved CPR certification.
  • It is indispensable for the candidates to have a capacity of lifting 120 pounds.
  • It is also mandatory for the EMT applicants to communicate and read English language.
  • A valid driving license is also an imperative requirement.
  • The prospective EMTs have to submit fingerprints and pass a drug test.
  • All the EMT applicants have to clear a background check.

Special requirements to be fulfilled:

  • The candidate must successfully qualify state practical as well as NREMT examinations.
  • It is essential for the candidates to deposit an application along with the required amount of fees.

Process of EMT Certification

How to become a certified EMT? Well, for this, one has to follow these steps:

  • First step is to complete the program coursework as per the standards of USDOT (United States Department of Transportation).
  • After successful completion of the program, the candidates have to apply for National Certification. For this purpose, you will have to follow the below given instructions:
  • Visit http://www.nremt.org/ and hit on “Create New Account”.
  • Now, strike on “Create Initial Entry Application”.
  • You can pay your fees either at the time of online application or later on. However, it is recommended to submit your fees as you complete the process of online application.
  • Keep checking the status of your application. You can get information about your ATT (Authorization to Test) Letter by signing in with your password and username. Take your mouse cursor on “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • If ‘Submitted’ appears alongside ‘Course Completion Verification’; it is the indication that your information has been sent to your desired program, but the education program director has to still authorize it.
  • You will have to submit the fees before obtaining the ATT Letter, in case; ‘Not Submitted’ appears alongside the ‘Application Payment’.
  • When the fee is submitted and the education program director verifies your application, the link of ‘Print ATT Letter’ appears. Remember, this link cannot be viewed until and unless your application is verified.
  • Take the print of ATT Letter. Next, schedule your exam following the instructions given on the letter.
  • The candidates have to qualify a background check which is maintained by the Missouri Bureau of EMS.
  • Finally, fill the EMS Personnel License Application. Remember that incompletely files and incorrect applications are not acceptable. Xerox of National Registry EMT Card should be enclosed with your application. Completely filled applications should be mailed to emslicensing@health.mo.gov.


Renewal of EMT Certificate

Requirements of EMT Certification

For renewing the EMT certificate in the state of Missouri, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Present an evidence of present CPR and National Registry Certification.
  • You are working and utilizing your EMT certification in rescue service, patient health care facility or emergency medical service.
  • The Missouri Bureau of EMS requires you to undergo a criminal background check. If you are residing in Missouri for the past five years, Missouri Highway Patrol will conduct a background check on you.
  • To renew the license at EMT-Basic level, a candidate has to submit an application along with a current national certificate before 120 days of expiration or within 30 days of the expiration. A candidate is required to complete 72 hours of educational program. This program includes 24 hours of EMT refreshers course and 48 hours of additional EMS education.
  • To renew the license at EMT-Paramedic level, a student needs to apply before 30 days of license expiration or within 120 days. The candidate has to complete 48 hours of refresher coursework and 24 hours of continuing EMS education.
  • You should submit your duly filled application before March 31st of that year in which, your certification expires.

Fees of EMT Certification

  • For re-certification at the basic level, you will have to pay a processing fee of $15.
  • To get re-certified at the paramedic level, a processing fee of $20 is required to be submitted.

At both levels, the fee is non-refundable.

Important Points

  • EMT certificate remains valid for a period of 2-years.
  • Don’t forget to provide your contact number and current e-mail address on the application form. Your license will be sent on your email.
  • You will get a reminder prior 120 days of expiration of your certificate.

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