EMT Certification in Utah

The EMT applicants, who are willing to provide pre-hospital medical care to the common people in the state of Utah, have to get an authenticated EMT certification in Utah. This state follows the national standard coursework laid down by the Department of Transportation as the basis for providing an EMT certificate at the respective levels. For obtaining the Emergency Medical Technician certificate, the candidates have to qualify the NREMT-organized practical and written examinations. Utah is one of the few states in the USA to conduct EMT tests online.

Requirements for Obtaining EMT Certificate

The mandatory requirements to acquire EMT certification in the state of Utah are:

  • You can apply for the certification only if you have reached the age of eighteen years or above.
  •  The applicants have to finish the certified program program of mandated hours from an accredited institute.
  • An EMT applicant should have a valid driver’s license and a CPR certificate or card.
  • The candidate must be able to present GED or high school diploma as the proof of completion of minimum education.
  • The physical stamina of the aspirants should be strong so that they can lift a weight up to 120 pounds.
  • Knowledge of the English language is compulsory for every individual applying for the certification.
  • The applicants are obligated to submit their fingerprints and qualify a drug test, as well as a criminal background check.
  • Candidates must be affiliated with a licensed EMS agency.
  • An EMT aspirant must show the proof of his/her legitimate presence in the country.

Special Criteria

  • All the students are ought to deposit the application fees with the application.
  • It is obligatory for the students to deposit a report of Tuberculosis test.
  • Every candidate has to qualify a state (Utah) approved practical examination.

EMT Certification Process

In order to get hold of an EMT certificate, the state of Utah has established a sequential procedure for the individuals to follow. This procedure is described below:

1. Certified Program

Every individual has to essentially undergo a program program from a recognised program school or center. In Utah, the EMT program is available at four levels, i.e. EMR, EMT-B, EMT-I, and EMT-P.

2. Application for the Certification

The next step after completing the program is to apply for the certification.

  • The applicant has to create an account by visiting the official website of the Bureau of EMS (Utah), i.e. https://bems.utah.gov/bems/.
  • Select the course and enrol by using the “Enrolment Code”, which is provided by the coordinator of the course.
  • Now, fill the information required in the application form.
  • It is essential to enclose the following:
  • Your photo to be used in the EMS ID badge
  • A copy of CPR certification
  • Certification fees
  • Document/report of Tuberculosis test

3. Background Check

After submitting the certification application, the applicants have to necessarily face a background check and qualify it. If the candidate has been residing outside Utah for over 5 years, he/she needs to submit his/her fingerprints.

4. Scheduling the Examinations

If the application along with fees has been deposited to the state, the prospective EMTs can schedule their exams. The state administers examinations for EMT-B and EMT-I levels, while the National Registry is responsible for conducting EMT-P examinations.

Renewal Process of EMT Certificate

The validity of EMT certificate in Utah is 2 years. Therefore, it’s essential to renew it for pursuing your career without any hindrance. For this, you need to meet the following essential specifications:

  • The applicants are required to be actively engaged in providing emergency services to the people residing in Utah.
  • All the information on the renewal application form should be complete and correct.
  • Every EMT is required to go through continuing education hours.

The details of continuing hours as well as recertification fees to be paid by the applicant at the required level of recertification are mentioned below:

  • EMR: At this stage, the applicants have to complete 12 hours of the refresher course, accredited by the state itself or CECBEMS. The candidate has to submit a total amount of $50 for recertification, which includes $20 of Q/A review and $30 of BCI fees. If the candidate has to submit fingerprints, then he/she needs to pay $85, which includes $65 as BCI fees and $20 for Q/A review. In addition to this, the applicants will be required to pay the following:
    • Lapsed Fee: $30
    • Practical Examination Fees: $80 + ($40 per Station Fee)
    • Written Examination Fees:  $20 + ($20 Retest Fee)
  • EMT-B: Recertification at EMT-B level requires candidates to complete 98 hours of continuing education hours, which must necessarily include 30 hours of, hands-on program. The recertification fees at this stage is $70, including $20 for Q/A review, $30 for BCI fee, and $20 for written exam (additional $20 as retest fee). Similarly, if the fingerprints are required, then the applicants need to pay $105, which includes the same amount for Q/A review and written exam fee. For BCI fees, candidates need to pay $65. The additional amount includes:
    • Lapsed Fee: $30
    • Practical Exam Fee: $80 + ($40 per Station Retest Fee) 
  • EMT-I: The applicants have to complete 108 hours for recertification at EMT-I or AEMT level. Out of 108 hours, 35 hours are scheduled for practical program. They are required to disburse the same amount for recertification as mentioned in the EMT-B level.
  • EMT-P: A candidate has to go undergo 128 hours of continuing education. These hours must surely include 42 hours of practical program. The recertification charges are $50, which includes $30 for BCI fee and $20 for Q/A review. In case, you need to submit your fingerprints, you will need to pay $65 as BCI fee and $20 for Q/A review. The additional charges are:
    • Practical Examination Fee: $200 ($70 per Station Test)
    • Written Examination Fee: $20 + ($20 Retest Fee)
    • Lapsed Fee: $30

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