EMT Certification in Vermont

EMT certification in Vermont is offered according to the level of program completed by the candidate. Every state has its own benchmark for providing certification. To obtain an EMT certificate in the state of Vermont, you first need to undergo a recognized program program and then, qualify the EMT exam organized by the NREMT. Once you obtain the certificate, you become eligible to render your emergency care services in this state, without any hindrance.

Requirements for EMT Certification

In Vermont, the essential requirements to be fulfilled by the candidate for getting certified are:

  • You are ought to fulfil the minimum age requirements for certification, i.e. 18 years.
  • Similarly, the minimum educational qualification is General Education Development or a high school diploma.
  • Aspirants must have a legitimate driving license.
  • Each and every applicant is needed to hold a CPR card or certificate.
  • An individual is also obligated to successfully complete program curriculum from a state-approved EMT school or community college.
  • The applicants must be strong enough to lift and balance 120 pounds.
  • Students must also have the ability to communicate in the English language.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of the United States and hold a proof of his/her citizenship.
  • The prospective EMTs need to submit their fingerprints.
  • Every individual is mandated to pass both the drug test, as well as background screening.
  • You also need to undergo certain immunizations.
  • Applicants must receive affiliation from a licensed EMS agency.

Specific Requirements

  • The application in conjunction with the respective fees should be deposited by the candidate in the state of Vermont.
  • The practical examination, conducted by the state of Vermont, is mandatory to qualify.

Process for EMT Certification

The applicant has to follow the various steps in chronological order for securing EMT certification in Vermont. The steps include:

1. Approved Program Curriculum

Completing a program program at an appropriate level is the first step to getting certified. But, before enrolling in any institute, ensure that the EMT coursework offered by it is approved by the VDOH (Vermont Department of Health).

2. Submit Application for the National Certification

After the successful completion of EMT program, an individual should appear for the exam and apply for the EMT certificate by undergoing the below given procedure:

  • Visit the official website of the NREMT. Create your own account by taking the mouse cursor on the option of “Create New Account” and clicking on it.
  • To schedule the test, click on “Create Initial Entry Application”.
  • The application fees can be submitted either after the online application process or later on.
  • To check the application status, go to your own account and click on “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • The information has been transmitted to the indicated program if the option of “Submitted” appears at the side of “Course Completion Verification”. However, your application is still not authorized by the director of the program.
  • Candidates will need to pay the application fees if the option of “Not Submitted” is visible next to “Application Payment”.
  • If your application gets verified, you will see the link of “Print ATT Letter”.
  • In order to schedule the examination, print out the ATT letter and follow the instructions given in it.

3. Background Check

Next step is to clear the background screening test. If any felony appears in your background test, you will be disqualified for obtaining the certification.

4. License Application

After a background check, the applicants need to register themselves with the Vermont EMS, before appearing in the examinations. Initially, the applicants have to download the “Emergency Medical Services Certification Exam Application”. The candidates are supposed to be sponsored by a licensed ambulance, medical facility, or the military.

Renewal Procedure of EMT Certification

Renewal of the EMT certificate after every 2 years is essential for pursuing an obstacle-free career. Every individual has to fulfil the below mentioned requirements before applying for the recertification:

  • It is imperative for the applicants to be actively engaged in providing emergency services to any EMS agency, fire-fighting center, rescue service, or patient health care facility.
  • The application must contain complete, as well as correct information.
  • The applicants are supposed to show their competency by going through continuing education hours at the respective levels.

The continuing education hours at each EMT level are:

  • Emergency Medical Responder: The applicants have to complete 12 hours of continuing education.
  • Emergency Medical Technician: If an applicant has to recertify at EMT level, he/she need to complete 24 hours of continuing education.
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician: At AEMT level, the candidates are required to undertake continuing education of 24 hours.
  • Paramedic: At Paramedic level, the applicants are ought to undergo 72 hours of continuing education.

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