EMT Certification in Maine

EMT certification in Maine can be obtained by appearing in the exams conducted by National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT). NREMT is a non-profit body, which certifies all levels of EMT candidates. Candidates, who have completed EMT program from a state-approved program center, are eligible to apply for examination. Emergency Medical Technician certification in Maine is valid for two years.

Requirements to Get EMT Certificate

  • The required age of the candidate in Maine is 18 years.
  • Completion of a state-approved EMT program is a must.
  • The candidate must hold a valid CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) card.
  • Prospective EMTs can only get certified after passing the NREMT exam.
  • A legal evidence of the candidate’s citizenship is required.
  • It is necessary for the aspirant to be physically healthy and mentally strong.
  • English proficiency of the candidate is equally important.
  • The candidate must successfully undergo a criminal background check.

Special Requirements

  • EMT candidate in Maine is required to submit the application for certification and the applicable fee.
  • A state-approved practical exam is compulsory to be qualified by the candidate.

Process of EMT Certification

Step 1: Get EMT Program

The first step to get EMT certification is to get emergency medical service program from a state-approved program school. You can consult your local EMS department or any community college that provides program.

Step 2: Application for National Certification

  • First of all, the candidate is required to create his/her account on the NREMT website. Click on “Create New Account”.
  • Next, by clicking on “Create Initial Entry Application”, the applicant can create a new application on the website.
  • The candidate must pay the application fee. Though, the fee can also be paid later, but it is better to make the payment soon after finishing the process of online application.
  • Once you have applied online and paid the fees, you need to keep an eye on the status of your application and look for the “Authorization to Test” (ATT) Letter by clicking on “Check Initial Entry Application Status”. Visit the homepage of the site and log in with your username and password.
  • Your information has been submitted by the website, and it is waiting for the approval of your course completion by the education program director, if “Submitted” appears beside “Course Completion Verification”.
  • However, you need to pay your application fee before you receive the ATT Letter, if “Not Submitted” appears beside “Application Payment”.
  • If the payment has been done and the course completion process has been checked by the education program director, the link “Print ATT Letter” will appear on your account.
  • Take out print of your ATT Letter and schedule your NREMT examination.

Important Note: The link “Print ATT Letter” will appear on your account only if your course completion has been confirmed, otherwise; it will not appear.

The exam scheduling instructions will be enlisted in your ATT Letter. It will help you to set a timetable for your exam through a website, called ‘Pearson VUE’.

The NREMT practical exams are held by the state-approved program programs.

Step 3: Background Check

The candidate must undergo a criminal background check if he/she has been residing in Maine since 3 years. Also, the candidate is required to make a payment of $21 for the background check, either through a credit card, check or money order, to be paid to the Treasurer of the state.

Important Note: The candidate is not required to pay the fee for background check if he/she has applied for EMD or I/C license, or if the candidate possesses a current EMS state license, which has not been expired for more than 90 days.

If the candidate is not a resident of Maine since last 3 years, but he/she has taken the EMT program from Maine, then the criminal background check issued by the state criminal records of that state where the candidate has been residing, should be submitted.

Step 4: License Application

Finally, fill the form – “Application for Testing and a New Maine EMS License’, and attach the following documents with it:

  • A clear copy of National Registry Card.
  • Application fee of $21 either through a money order, check or credit card authorization, made in lieu of the Treasurer, State of Maine.

Mail it to the below given address:

Maine EMS
152 State House Station
Augusta, Maine- 04333-0152
Contact Number: (207) 626-3860

Renewal of EMT Certificate

The general requisites that should be fulfilled by all levels of EMT candidates in Maine are:

  • It is important for the candidate to be working with an EMS department, or any other healthcare service or rescue service.
  • You must either give an examination or complete a Continuing Education (CE) in order to prove your cognitive skills.
  • ‘Skills Verification’ signed by the Program Officer or Supervisor must be submitted by the candidate.
  • He/she must hold a valid CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) card.

EMR-Emergency Medical Responder

  • EMR candidates of Maine should submit their renewal application before September 30.
  • They need to successfully complete a state-approved 12-hour refresher course.
  • Application fee of $10 (non-refundable) must be paid by the candidate.


  • EMT-Basic applicants of Maine must submit their renewal application before March 31 (of the year their certification is due to renew).
  • You must complete a state-approved 24-hour refresher course, as well as an added course of 48 hours.
  • Along with the documents, a non-refundable amount of $15 must be paid as the renewal application fee.


  • AEMT candidates must provide their recertification prior to March 31.
  • The candidates must finish a state-approved 36-hour refresher course.
  • Besides this, they are also required to complete an additional program of 36 hours.
  • A non-refundable fee of $15 is mandatory to be paid.


  • Paramedic candidates should complete a 48-hour refresher course from a state-approved program.
  •  Additional program of 24 hours is equally important to take.
  • The applicant is ought to pay a non-refundable amount of $20 while submitting the recertification documents.

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