EMT Certification in Oregon

Any applicant who desires to serve in the field of Emergency Medical Services must first get their EMT certification in Oregon. Only those who hold a valid EMT license are allowed to practice in the state. In order to get the emergency medical technician certification, the aspirants must go through the program from the accredited school. This article covers the requirements and procedure to obtain, renew and verify your EMT license.

Requirements to Acquire EMT Certification in OR

To get the EMT certification in OR, every candidate must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Firstly, the aspirant should be at least 18 years of age or above.
  • The candidate must hold the driving license so that they become eligible to drive the emergency vehicle or ambulance.
  • You ought to submit the proof of the high school diploma or a valid GED certification.
  • Go through the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) program and submit the certification of the same.
  • Qualify the background check conducted by the state.
  • The aspirant should be physically fit and s/he must be able to lift 120 pounds without any hassle.
  • You must be a citizen of Oregon.
  • The candidate must have proficiency in reading and writing the English language.
  • Submit reports of fingerprints and drug test.

Other Mandatory Requirements for EMT Certification

  • Pass the NREMT examination.
  • You are supposed to successfully complete the EMT program from a state recognized institute/school.
  • The certification fees have to be paid to the state authorities on time.

The Process of Obtaining EMT Licensure in OR

The EMT certification process involves four steps which are as follows:

Step 1 – EMT Program

Getting EMT program done is the first step involved in the certification procedure. You can undertake the EMT-B program, EMT-Intermediate, AEMT or EMT-Paramedic program from a certified program school. The duration of the program may be between 120 hours and 1800 hours. Make sure you choose state certified program school to get valid certificates.

Step 2 – NREMT Certification Application

Applying for National Registry for EMT’s certification is the second step involved. For this, the students need to take up the NREMT examinations. Visit the link to get your NREMT certification application: http://www.nremt.org/

After visiting the official NREMT website, click the “Create Initial Entry Application” option for giving the exams. Doing this automatically submits your form, and you can confirm your form status. Once your application is sent for further processing, you will be notified with a ‘Submitted’ option in your account.

If ‘not submitted’ option appears, you first need to pay your fees. As soon as the fee is submitted and after the concerned program director has authorized the application, ‘Print ATT Letter’ option will be visible. Now print this letter in order to schedule the EMT examination.

Step 3 – Background Check

Before getting certified, it’s imperative to clear the background verification process conducted by the Oregon State Department of Health.

Step 4 – Apply for the State Certification

Applying for the state certification is the last step towards getting EMT certification in OR. Submit your course completion certificate along with the NREMT examination results to get the emergency medical technician license.

Renewal of EMT Certificate in OR

All EMTs are expected to renew their license once in two years. For this purpose, the candidates must go through an EMT refresher course.

The duration of the EMT refresher course differs based on the level of the program required. For EMT and EMT-B, the refresher course lasts for 24 hours. These 24 hours are split into three days of the program with a total of 14 hours of lectures and 10 hours of hands-on practice.

The EMT refresher course for EMT-Intermediate lasts for 36 hours; and for a Paramedic, the same course continues for 48 hours. This refresher course is useful not only for renewing EMT certification but also to stay updated with the new technologies. The certification renewal process becomes easy after the completion of the refresher program.

Requirements for EMT Certification Renewal

  • The renewal application form should be signed and submitted by the candidate.
  • Submission of a photograph and a copy of the EMT license are a must.
  • Citizenship proof is also an important document for EMT certification renewal in OR.
  • Officially issued CPR card is also mandatory for all candidates.
  • Submit a copy of your birth certificate.

The EMT certification renewal will be done within a few hours after completing the refresher course and the renewal certificate can be availed from the program school.

License Verification

The state of OR provides you an opportunity to get your EMT license verified online.


If you have further queries about your EMT certification process in Oregon or looking for the best source to verify your certificate, then you can contact on the following address:

Oregon State Department of Health
Bureau of EMS
800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, OR 97232

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