EMT Certification in Arizona

Only after obtaining a national level certification, an EMT professional in Arizona can get a state-level license. It is important for the candidate to be trained as an EMT from a state-approved program center. In order to get certified, the candidate needs to pass an examination, conducted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician.

Requirements to Get EMT Certificate

Following are the basic requirements to get an EMT certificate in Arizona:

  • 18 years of age.
  • Successful completion of EMT program from a state-approved program center or institute.
  • Successful completion of a state-approved CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) program.
  • Qualify the NREMT examination.
  • Citizenship or evidence of lawful presence in U.S.A.
  • Sound mental and strong physical health.
  • English proficiency is a must.
  • Undergo a background check.

Special Requirements to Get EMT Certificate in Arizona

  • Submit the application, as well as the application fees.
  • Pass a state-approved practical examination.

Process of EMT Certification

Step 1: Get Trained

The student must take EMT program from a state-approved program program. In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Emergency Services and Trauma System authorize the EMT program programs.

Step 2: Application for National Certification

Examinations for certification for EMT, EMT-intermediate, and paramedic are conducted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT). But, before this the candidate must complete the process of account creation on NREMT website.

  • Go to the NREMT website – http://www.nremt.org/. Now, create your account on this website by clicking on the option of “Create New Account”.
  • Now, apply for the exam by clicking on the option of “Create Initial Entry Application”. This option will help you in creating a new application.
  • Now, the candidate is required to pay the application fees. It is recommended to pay your fees as soon as you finish the online application; though, the candidate can also make payment of the fees, later on.
  • The candidate needs to follow his/her application process by regularly checking the “Authorization to Test” (ATT) Letter on the website’s homepage. This is done by logging into the NREMT website using the username and password by which, the candidate created the account. Check by clicking on “Check Initial Entry Application Status”.
  • If “Submitted” appears besides “Course Completion Verification”, it indicates that the candidate’s details or information have been submitted by the website, and it is waiting for the authorization by the education program director.
  • However, if “Not Submitted” appears next to the option of “Application Payment”, it signifies that the candidate needs to pay the application fee before receiving the ATT Letter.
  • After the verification by your education program director, as well as payment of the fees, you will see “Print ATT Letter”.
  • Now, print your ATT Letter and schedule the NREMT examination.

Important: “Print ATT Letter” will not appear until and unless the verification process is not completed.

The ATT Letter will instruct you about how to schedule the NREMT exam.

Step 3: Apply

The candidate needs to submit an application to the Bureau of Emergency Services and Trauma System in Arizona. Along with this, it is important for the candidate to submit a valid copy of required documents, like a passport or birth certificate that proves his/her legal presence in the United States.

Renewal of EMT Certificate in Arizona

The renewal process of EMT certificate in Arizona is almost similar for all the three levels of EMT program- EMT-B, EMT-I and Paramedic.

The following requisites are essential to be fulfilled for the recertification of EMT certificate in Arizona:

  • The candidate must submit an application on the following website:http://www.azdhs.gov/bems/certification/index.htm
  • A copy of current NREMT registration for the respective EMT level should also be submitted by the candidate.
  • The candidate must complete the process of ‘Continuing Medical Education Attestation’ and must get his/her current CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification attested in infant, pediatric and adult, as per the guidelines provided by the American Heart Association.
  • You should successfully finish your refresher course, which has been given approval by the respective department.
  • The candidate must provide a copy of an evidence of his/her legal presence in United States, either a birth certificate or a valid passport or so. Other documents that can be produced by the candidate are mentioned on the website of Arizona Department of Health Services.
  • The candidate should provide a skill verification proof, approved by his/her Physician Medical Director.

Below mentioned is the time-duration of Continuing Education (CE) and the amount of fee that must be paid, according to the different levels of EMT recertification:


  • A refresher course of 24 hours, as well as additional program of 48 hours.
  • Non-refundable fee of $15.00.


  • A 36-hour refresher course, along with additional Continuing Education (CE) of 36 hours.
  • The candidate must pay a fee of $15.00, which is non-refundable.


  • Paramedic candidate must complete a 48-hour refresher course, as well as 24-hours of additional program of Continuing Education (CE).
  • A non-refundable fee of $20.00.

Important Note

A candidate, whose certification has expired 1 month back, can apply for its renewal either at the same level or even at the lower level of certification, if he/she can pay a non-refundable certificate renewal fee of $150.00. The candidate can make the payment either through a business check, certified check or even by a money order made in lieu of Arizona Department of Health Services.

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