EMT Certification in New Mexico

New Mexico is the only state, which does not follow the standards laid down by the National Registry of EMS to provide Emergency Medical Technician certification. It provides its own EMT certificate and license. Keeping this in mind, an EMT aspirant has to go through a state-approved EMS program at each level.

After completing the EMT program successfully; it is mandatory for the candidates to deposit the Course Completion Certificate (CCC) with the licensing application. The students have to qualify both- practical and written examinations, conducted by the state itself. The examination is based on the criteria specified by the Department of Transportation, which is considered by several other states to provide EMT certification.

Requirements for EMT Certification in New Mexico

The candidates in New Mexico can obtain EMT certificate after fulfilling the criteria laid down by the state. Below are some essential criteria for the prospective EMTs to be fulfilled:

  • Generally, the age of 18 is considered to obtain EMT license, but in New Mexico, a candidate with an age of 16 can also apply for certification under parental permission.
  • The EMT prospects have to complete a program coursework.
  • Applicants are ought to finish a CPR program.
  • The applicants should have completed minimum education, i.e., a high school diploma or GED.
  • An applicant must have ability to carry 120 pounds.
  • An EMT aspirant must be capable of communicating in English language.
  • He/she should successfully qualify a drug test, as well as background screening.
  • The candidates have to get done the required immunizations.
  • All the students must deposit their fingerprints and pass NREMT exam at suitable level.

Special Requirements

  • If the candidate is aged 16 years, he/she requires parental approval for obtaining certification.
  • It’s mandatory to deposit application form and fees to the New Mexico Medical Emergencies.
  • Essentially, the students need to clear practical examinations carried out by the New Mexico state.

Process of EMT certification in New Mexico

In New Mexico, those prospective EMTs, who want to offer pre-hospital medical care in case of emergencies can secure EMT certificate by completing the below mentioned process:

1. Program

All the applicants are required to complete a program curriculum from the state- accredited EMT school or community college.

2. Applying for National Certification

After completing program, you can now apply for the national certification and schedule your exam. Just go through the below stated steps:

  • Make an account by clicking on “Create New Account” on the national registry of EMTs website.
  • One needs to create an application to take respective examination by taking mouse cursor to ‘Create Initial Entry Application’ and clicking on it.
  • Now, you are required to submit application fees. You can also opt to pay the fee later.
  • It is must for the candidate to verify the status of exam application. For this, candidate has to visit the account and click on “Check Initial Entry Application”.
  • If you see ‘Submitted’ option; it suggests that your information is provided to the program mentioned by you, and is waiting for the confirmation by the education program director. On the other hand, if you see ‘Not Submitted’ option; it suggests that the application fee is still due, and you have to pay it before obtaining ATT Letter.
  • Schedule your examination according to your convenience by printing ATT Letter.

3. Background Check

After applying for national certification, the EMT prospects have to qualify a background check.

4. Applying for License

The last step involves applying for the EMT license after fulfilling all the necessary formalities. The documents mentioned below must be attached with your license application:

    • EMT CCC (Course Completion Certificate)
    • Copy of NREMT card
    • Copy of CPR card approved by healthcare provider recognized by EMS Bureau
    • If a candidate is at EMT-Basic level and is applying for EMT-I certification, he/she has to deposit a copy of EMT-Basic license.
    • The application fee to be paid at appropriate levels through cheque or money order are:
      • EMS First Responder: $25.00
      • EMT-Basic: $65.00
      • EMT-Intermediate: $75.00

Renewal of EMT Certification

When the license of the prospective candidates is going to expire, he/she needs to renew it at that appropriate level. In the state of New Mexico, the applicants can renew their license by fulfilling the following standards:

    • First of all, applicants have to satisfy the certification requirements.
    • The prospective EMT ought to provide active services in a fire-fighting center, rescue center, or EMS center.
    • An applicant needs to submit a recertification application before 30th September of the year, in which, the license will expire.
    • The candidates also have to complete continuing education hours at each level as:
      • EMS First Responder: At initial level, the candidate has to complete 12-hours state-approved EMR refresher course, and pay $10.00 (non-refundable) as processing fees.
      • EMT-Basic: The applicant needs to finish 24 hours EMT-Basic refresher course and 48 hours of continuing education. The processing fee at this stage is $15.00, which is non-refundable.
      • EMT-Intermediate: When a candidate wants to renew his license at intermediate level, he/she is required to complete 36 hours of EMT-Intermediate refresher coursework and 36 hours of additional continuing education. The non-refundable processing fee at this level is $15.00.

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