EMT Program in Montana

Like other states, the state of Montana also provides necessary program course to the EMT aspirants. EMT program in Montana buffs up the skills of students so that they can become a qualified paramedic. To acquire an EMT certification, all the EMTs and paramedics are required to pass NREMT exams. The state of Montana has approved several program centres to provide necessary courses to the students in order to qualify for the exams. EMT program helps in providing the basic program to the students to understand life support during an emergency.

Essential Requirements to Become an EMT in Montana

To become an EMT in Montana, a person needs to fulfill essential requirements, laid by the state of Montana. The basic requirements to become an entrant for EMT program are:

  • A prospective student must carry a legitimate driving license.
  • The aspirants should have attained the age of 18 or more.
  • He/she must show proof of high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Aspirants might require providing a proof of placement results, like ACCUPLACER or ASSET.
  • Prospective students must hold an evidence of certain vaccinations, like mumps, Hepatitis B, measles, etc.
  • The candidate needs to get Tdap vaccine against diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus.
  • He/she must undergo a drug test.
  • Students have to submit a criminal background check report.
  • He/she must be physically and mentally sound to perform essential duties.
  • He/she must hold a CPR certification.

Program Coursework

To become a licensed EMT, a candidate has to avail program courses in order to qualify the required examinations. The coursework of the program programs is designed to prepare the prospective emergency medical technicians to deal with pre-hospital emergency medical care procedures.

EMT-Basic Level Program: At the basic level program, students are taught to manage trauma situation. Students become acquainted with the basic life support level. Once students are done with the basic program, they are aware of recognizing the patient’s injury and providing emergency medical care, accordingly.

EMT-Intermediate Level Program: After finishing the basic level program, students proceed to intermediate level. It teaches advanced patient care techniques.

A person undergoing EMT program becomes aware of various procedures and methods, like:

  • Respiratory emergency
  • Cardiac emergency
  • EMT-Basic Pharmacology
  • Human body
  • Bleeding treatment
  • Shock management
  • Pediatric emergency
  • Childbirth emergency
  • Behavioral and environmental emergencies
  • Medical, ethical, and legal issues in Emergency Medical Services
  • Epinephrine Auto-Injector
  • Managing airways
  • Patient assessment
  • Gynaecological emergency
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Head, spinal or neck injuries
  • Diabetic emergency
  • Lifting and moving injured patients

Duration and Fees of Program Program

The EMT-program courses can be availed by undergoing two different program levels.

EMT-Basic Level Program: A few weeks to a few months are required to complete an EMT-Basic program. The duration generally depends on the type of course, chosen by the student.

EMT-Intermediate Level Program: After availing basic program, a student becomes eligible to undergo the intermediate program, which usually completes in several months.

The cost of the program ranges from $148 to $740.

State Approved EMT Program Centers

The state of Montana has approved four institutions to provide EMT program to the aspirants in order to become eligible for holding an EMT license. These state-approved program centres are:

  • Flathead Valley Community College
    Address: 777, Grandview Drive, Kalispell, Montana-59901
    Contact Number: 406-756-3822
    Official Website: http://www.fvcc.edu/
  • Great Falls College- Montana State University
    Address: 2100, 16th Avenue South, Great Falls, Montana-59405
    Contact Number: 406-771-4300
    Fax: 406-771-4317
    Official Website: http://www.msugf.edu/
  • Montana State University- Billings
    Address: 1500, University Drive, Billings, Montana- 59101
    Contact Number: 406-657-2011
    Official Website: http://www.msubillings.edu/
  • Montana State University-Bozeman
    Address: 100, Culbertson Hall, P.O. Box- 172000, Bozeman, Montana- 59717-2000
    Contact Number: 406-994-2672
    Official Website: http://www.montana.edu/

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