EMT Program in Nebraska

EMT program in Nebraska is the first step towards a glorious career in the field of paramedics. EMT or Emergency Medical Technician is a person, who is responsible to ensure welfare, health, and safety of common people. He/she looks after people by offering them emergency services, like ambulance services, trauma centres, picking and shifting bodies, and emergency patient assessment. To pursue a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Services), a person residing in Nebraska can take the advantages of various program programs offered by EMT program centres in Nebraska.

In the state of Nebraska, no exams are conducted at the state level. However, a candidate is required to qualify a national level exam, called NREMT (National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians) to obtain a state license.

Eligibility Criteria

A person, who desires to become an EMT or paramedic in Nebraska, has to fulfill certain requirements, which are:

  • An aspirant must have attained at least 18 years of age.
  • An aspirant must possess a high school diploma.
  • The candidate must possess excellent communication skills.
  • You must carry a proof of immunizations against Hepatitis B, rubella, mumps, and measles.
  •  You must have a negative flu shot, chicken pox, chest X-ray, and tuberculosis report.
  • To safeguard against pertussis, diphtheria, and tetanus, you are ought to take Tdap vaccine.
  • The candidate must also carry a copy of the approved driving license.
  • The candidate also needs to provide proof of CPR certification.
  • An aspirant should have a clean background.
  • Besides this, interpersonal skills, compassion, and good fitness are also required.

Program Courses

A student, who wants to become a trained EMT, has to undergo through different EMT program levels. The EMT program courses include various methods and procedures, like proper use of medical equipments, emergency procedures, review of CPR techniques, etc. The advanced level of program helps a student in understanding subjects, like anatomy, physiology, cardiology, basic science, and life-supporting methods or techniques.  The state of Nebraska has divided EMT-Program into two different levels, namely Basic level, and Intermediate-Advanced program level.

Under the EMT-Basic program level program level, a person learns about the essential functions of an EMT. The intermediate-advanced program level includes overall coursework of basic program as well as additional hands-on practice. This level of program in Nebraska is specially designed to prepare a skilled paramedic.

Cost and Duration of the Program

EMT program centres in Nebraska provides various program programs to students, who want to make a career in EMS (Emergency Medical Services). In Nebraska, the cost of program differs according to the courses provided by the program centres. The average cost of an EMT program ranges from $500 to $2000. The EMT program completes within two-three months. A person can complete his/her basic EMT program from local Nebraska community college.

The EMT-Basic program level usually consists of 100 hours of coursework. On the other hand, the EMT-Intermediate program level completes in 1000 credit hours

Apart from the cost of a program, students who can’t afford program fees can apply for various financial aid facilities, like scholarships, loans, and grants through the state of Nebraska or other funding agencies.

Nebraska Approved EMT Program Centers

There are various program centres in Nebraska, which provide accredited program courses to the aspirants. The list of these program centres is mentioned below:

Advanced program courses are available at the following program centres:

  • Creighton University – EMS Education
    Address: 2500, California Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska- 68178
    Contact Number: 402-280-2700
    Official Website:http://ems.creighton.edu/
  • Northeast Community College
    Address: 801, East Benjamin Avenue, Norfolk, Nebraska- 68701
    Contact Number: 402-371-2020
    Fax: 402-844-7400
    Official Website: http://www.northeast.edu/
  • Metropolitan Community College
    Address: P.O. Box- 3777, Omaha, Nebraska-68103-0777
    Contact Number: 402-457-2400
    Official Website: https://www.mccneb.edu/
  • Southeast Community College- Lincoln
    Address: 8800, O Street, Lincoln, Nebraska-68520-1299
    Contact Number: 402-471-3333
    Fax: 402-437-2404
    Official Website: https://www.southeast.edu/

  • Western Nebraska Community College
    Address: 1601, East 27th Street, Scottsbluff, Nebraska- 69361
    Contact Number: 308-635-3606
    Fax: 308-635-6100
    Official Website: https://www.wncc.edu/

Basic program courses are available at the following program centres:

  • ALS Affiliates Inc.
    Address: 2819, South 125th Avenue, Suite- 251, Omaha, Nebraska- 68144
    Contact Number: 402-292-8535
    Fax: 402-933-2411
    Official website: http://www.alsaffiliates.com/
  • American Red Cross- Heartland Chapter
    Address: 2912, South 80th Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska- 68124
    Contact Number: 402-343-7700
    Official Website: http://www.redcross.org/
  • Bryan Health- Crete Area Medical Centre
    Address: 2910, Betten Drive, P.O. Box- 220, Crete, Nebraska- 68333
    Contact Number: 402-826-2102
    Fax: 402-826-7950
    Official Website: http://www.bryanhealth.com/camc
  • Central Community College- Lexington
    Address: 1501, Plum Creek Parkway, P.O. Box- 827, Lexington, Nebraska-68850-0827
    Contact Number: 308-324-8481
    Fax: 308-324-8481
    Official Website: http://www.cccneb.edu/
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
    Address: 10, East 31st Street, Kearney, Nebraska- 68847
    Contact Number: 308-865-7100
    Official Website: http://www.gshs.org/

  • Mid-Plains Community College
    Address: 2520, South East Street, Broken Bow, Nebraska- 68822
    Contact Number: 308-872-5259
    Official Website: http://www.mpcc.edu/
  • Union College
    Address: 3800, South, 48th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska-68506
    Contact Number: 402-486-2600
    Official Website: http://www.ucollege.edu/irr

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