EMT Program in South Carolina

The EMT program in the state of South Carolina makes a person eligible for cracking National Registry Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) exams. Those students, who successfully complete the program and qualify for the exam, can get themselves nationally registered. When the students are nationally registered, their results are forwarded to the state office of South Carolina. Here, the results are processed, and students receive South Carolina-approved EMT certification through the mail.

EMT program helps in developing skills to be used as pre-hospital medical care in case of any circumstances. A student has to undergo three levels of EMT program, which are presently maintained by the state of South Carolina. Each level has its own importance, which ultimately enhances your skills and abilities to manage emergencies.

Mandatory EMT Program Requirements

It is compulsory for all the prospective students to accomplish some indispensable requirements to get admission in a state-approved program school or institution. In the state of South Carolina, these requirements are:

  • All the aspirants must have attained an age of 18 or above to get admission in EMT school.
  • The applicants should also show an evidence of high school diploma or General Education Development.
  • The EMT aspirants are ought to hold an authenticated driving license.
  • The candidates, applying for the program, are also required to retain the CPR certification throughout the program procedure.
  • It is also compulsory for the applicants to possess the ability to read at 10th-grade level.
  • Sometimes, applicants have to be prepared for presenting placement results of the exams, like ACCUPULAR or ASSET, which evaluates their mathematical and English skills.
  • The candidates need to undergo a drug test.
  • They have to deposit the results of the test for a criminal background check.
  • Candidates also need to present proof of several immunizations, such as:
    • Rubella
    • Mumps
    • Hepatitis B
    • Measles
  • The prospective students are also required to get Tdap vaccination to protect themselves from diphtheria, chickenpox, tetanus, and pertussis.
  • The candidates are also required to get a flu shot, a negative chest x-ray, and a negative tuberculosis skin PPD test.
  • Lastly, all students are required to possess the ability to lift and balance 125 pounds alone and 250 pounds with the help of others.

Program Curriculum

The program curriculum of EMT classes in South Carolina is similar to that of other states of U.S. The prospective students can undergo three main levels of EMT program to add to their skills. The program levels are discussed below:

  • EMT- B (Emergency Medical Technician-Basics): This primary level of program is meant for those candidates, who are new to EMS. In this level of the program, a student is made aware of all basic methods and procedures to be utilized in emergency conditions. In the classroom and practical sessions of this level of program, a student learns how to offer pre-hospital care during car accidents, bone fractures, CPR, oxygen delivery systems, puncture wounds, etc.
  • EMT- I (Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediate): This is the second level of program, in which, a student enters after gaining EMT-basic certification. This is an advanced level of a program than EMT-B. Some of the advanced procedures taught in the intermediate stage are advanced airway management, trauma management, assessing patients, behavioral emergencies, cardiac emergency management, etc.
  • EMT- P (Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic): The third and final level of program in South Carolina is EMT- Paramedic, which is considered to be the most advanced program level. When a prospective EMT qualifies EMT-I level examinations successfully, he/she steps forward to EMT-P level. This level of program not only includes clinical program, or classroom sessions but also fieldwork and an internship with local ambulance services. By undergoing this level, a student learns about all basic and advanced skills. Generally, students are taught procedures to handle neonatal emergencies, respiratory emergencies, gynecological and obstetrics emergencies, assistance during childbirth, and various ethical or legal aspects of life support.

Duration and Cost of EMT Program Program

To get enrol in any program institute or school, the first thing that clicks in mind of the students is cost and length of the program being offered by the program school. In the state of South Carolina, the cost of EMT program in various schools is little different. Basically, the approximate cost of completing EMT program in this state is $15,000 or above.

The duration of the program is as follows:

  • EMT- Basic: To complete first or primary level of program, the students require 8-11 weeks to understand basic methods and procedures.
  • EMT- Intermediate: The second or intermediate level of a program requires almost 30- 350 hours of classroom instructions and practical program.
  • EMT- Paramedic: The last stage of a program requires almost 6 months to 2 years to train students about the basic and advanced procedures of handling emergency situations.

South Carolina-Approved EMT Schools

The state of South Carolina provides an excellent program to the prospective EMTs to fulfill their dream of pursuing EMT services. For the convenience of the students, the state of South Carolina has accredited various schools to provide a regular EMT program to them. So, students, who are looking for undergoing EMT program, can go through the list of state-approved EMT schools.

  • Technical College of the Lowcountry
    Address: 921 Ribaut Road, Beaufort, South Carolina- 29901
    Contact Number: 843-525-8211
    Fax: 843-525-8285
    Official Website: http://www.tcl.edu/
  • Trident Technical College
    Address: P.O. Box-118067, Charleston, South Carolina- 29423
    Contact Number: 843-574-6111 / 877-349-7184
    Official Website: http://www.tridenttech.edu/

  • Horry Georgetown Technical College
    Address: 2050 Highway 501 East Conway, South Carolina 29528-6066
    Contact Number: 843-347-3186 / 855-544-4482
    Official Website: http://www.hgtc.edu/
  • Greenville Technical College
    Address: P.O. Box- 5616, Greenville, South Carolina- 29606
    Contact Number: 864-250-8000
    Official Website: http://www.gvltec.edu/
  • Piedmont Technical College
    Address: 620 North Emerald Road, P.O. Box- 1467, Greenwood, South Carolina- 29648
    Contact Number: 1-800-868-5528
    Official Website: http://www.ptc.edu/
  • Midlands Technical College
    Address: P.O. Box- 2408, Columbia, South Carolina- 29202
    Contact Number: 803-738-8324
    Fax: 803-738-7784
    Official Website: http://www.midlandstech.edu/


In case of any doubt about EMT program in South Carolina, you may contact

SC DHEC, Division of EMS & Trauma
Address: 2600 Bull Street, Columbia, South Carolina- 29201
Fax: 803-545-4989

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