EMT Salary in the District of Columbia

EMT salary in the District of Columbia is pretty higher than other states of the United States. The EMTs are paid on the basis of hours they devote to provide emergency services, the type of services they provide, the area where they work, and the industry with which they are associated. They are also paid on the monthly, as well as weekly basis.

The students of the District of Columbia have to undergo a specific program, which helps them to develop their emergency handling skills and prepares for a bright career.

How Much Income does an EMT make Per Year?

The annual salary of an EMT depends on multiple factors as discussed above. To know the facts and figures, let us check the data collected from several bureaus and agencies. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics OES, May 2017, the average annual salary that an EMT receives in the District of Columbia is $58,110, and the mean hourly salary comprises of $ 27.94. District of Columbia secures the first position in the list of ‘Top Paying States in the USA’.

According to the statistics of indeed.com, an EMT can make an annual income of around $41,420 (May 2018 survey).

As per  www1.salary.com April 2018 report, the average annual salary of EMT in Washington DC is $38,329, and per hour Median salary is $17.

The following information is collected from the National Compensation Survey, which was conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics OES in May 2017. The table mentioned below provides the average annual and hourly salary of EMT professionals on different percentile scales.

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary

Average Annual Salary

10th Percentile Wage



25th Percentile Wage



50th Percentile Wage



75th Percentile Wage



90th Percentile Wage



Salary of the Similar Job Titles

Everyone wants to enhance his/her skills to excel in his/her career. An EMT can assume various other designations and can earn an awesome income. The salary for similar job titles in the District of Columbia is as below:

  • EMT P: $56,000
  • Fire-fighter EMT: $53,000
  • Cardiovascular Specialist: $81,000
  • Commercial Electrician Mechanic: $39,000
  • ED Technician Emergency Department: $66,000
  • Security EMT Officer: $33,000
  • Commercial Electrician Journeyman: $45,000
  • EMT Paramedic: $51,000
  • Commercial Electrician Helper: $31,000
  • Circulating RN Surgical: $102,000
  • Corrections Sergeant Master: $51,000
  • EMT Security Officer: $34,000

If we look at the data mentioned above, we can easily identify that how much salary is paid at different designations.

Benefits or Perks

Apart from salary, EMTs can enjoy several other benefits and perks. Some of the benefits that employers generally provide to their employers are as follows:

  • Life Insurance
  • Sick leaves
  • Paid leaves
  • Excellent overtime
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Health insurance plans for the employee and his/her dependents
  • The continuing education fees, as well as program education fees
  • Access to credit union
  • Advantages of deferred compensation programs, like employee stock option

Employment Outlook

If we analyze the above facts and figures, we will find that the EMTs, working in the District of Columbia, have multiple opportunities to make a bright future. They can render their services for hospitals, rescue centers, fire-fighting centers, etc. As per the anticipations of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for EMTs is likely to grow by 33% till 2020.

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