EMT Salary in Alaska

Those EMT aspirants, who have successfully undergone EMT program, are always keen to know about the salary, they would receive. The jobs, which EMTs perform, are highly commendable as they are the persons, who initially try to save the lives of the injured persons. The EMTs in Alaska are paid according to the emergency medical services, they offer.

There are several other factors, like the region where they are providing services, number of years services provided, and skills or techniques learned during the program curriculum, which is crucial in determining the payment of the prospective EMTs.

How much does an EMT make per year?

The prospective EMTs, who have gained umpteen numbers of skills after going through a certified program coursework and practicing in the field, deserve to receive a handsome salary. How much does an EMT make annually in the state of Alaska? Let us find out by going through the mentioned below details.

According to the records gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2017, the annual mean wage of EMTs is $48420 and the hourly mean wage is $23.28.

As per the information gathered from indeed.com, the average salary of EMT is $45,160 (April 2018).

The approximate average hourly wage of EMTs in Alaska according to emtexamace.com is $23.10.

The average salary of EMTs according to the National Survey, carried out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is stated according to the percentile bracket in the following table:

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary

Average Annual Salary

10th Percentile Wage



25th Percentile Wage


$ 33,290

50th Percentile Wage


$ 50,500

75th Percentile Wage

$ 28.88


90th Percentile Wage


$ 69,020

EMT Salary as per Geographical Regions

In the state of Alaska, the EMTs are scattered in several cities or regions and are providing emergency services sincerely. This is the fact that EMTs are paid according to the regions in which, they are practicing their skills. According to the www1.salary.com April 2018 report, the EMTs located in different regions or cities get different salaries, which are explained below:

City Name

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Hourly Salary

























After going through the above-mentioned table, it can be concluded that the median annual salary in Alaska ranges from $38,329 to $39,476, approximately. The median monthly salary ranges from $3,194 to $3,290 approximately. The median hourly wage moves around $19. The highest paying city in Alaska is Juneau with an annual median salary of $39,476, and the lowest paying city is Sitka with a median annual salary of $38,329.

EMT Salary for Similar Job Titles

The EMT professionals, after acquiring some experience, can move up in the hierarchy. They can attain several other positions, like EMT paramedic, EMT Security Officer, etc. The pay scale of related job titles as stated by indeed.com is mentioned below:

  • Fire-fighter EMT: $35,000
  • EMT Security Officer: $23,000
  • EMT-B: $15,000
  • EMT Dispatcher: $15,000
  • EMT Paramedic: $33,000
  • Corrections Sergeant Master: $34,000
  • Critical Care Paramedic: $26,000
  • Emergency Department Technician: $27,000
  • Cardiovascular Specialist: $53,000

Other Benefits

Besides salary, Emergency Medical Technicians may also receive some extra benefits in lieu of their services, like:

  • Retirement plan
  • Annual sick leaves
  • Paid vacations
  • Vision, health, and dental insurance to EMTs and their dependents.
  • To maintain the licensure and certificate, employers take the responsibility of the EMT’s continuing education and program.
  • EMTs have benefits of life insurance, deferred compensation program, and access to a credit union.

Employment Outlook

By 2020, it is expected that the demand for trained EMTs and Paramedics will increase by 33%. Those candidates, who are willing to provide emergency services, can choose EMT as their career as there is a bright scope in this field.

The EMTs are not only instructed to provide services on the ground but are provided the opportunity to show their skills in the air and in remote areas also.

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