EMT Salary in Delaware

Salary or remuneration plays a vital role in deciding whether to step into a particular profession or not. The Emergency Medical Technicians, who wish to practice the emergency handling skills in the state of Delaware, remain eager to know about the salary, which they would receive in return for their services.

In Delaware, the salary of EMTs depends on diverse factors, like the place and kind of services, they are offering. In addition to this, the roles of EMTs also vary from places to places. The salaries that are disbursed to Emergency Medical Technicians in Delaware are more than the national average. This is good news for those prospects, who desire to become EMT in Delaware State.

How Much an Emergency Medical Technician Earns Annually?

Several agencies and bureaus have made efforts to collect information on the average annual, average hourly, as well as monthly salaries, offered by the state of Delaware to the EMTs.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, OES, the EMTs received an average annual salary of $39,970 and an average hourly salary of $19.21 in May 2017.

As per indeed.com, the average EMT salary in the State of Delaware is around $32,700 (May 2018 survey).

The salary of these professionals on the different percentile scales in May 2017, according to the BLS OES, is:

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary

Average Annual Salary

10th Percentile Wage



25th Percentile Wage



50th Percentile Wage



75th Percentile Wage



90th Percentile Wage



Salary as Per the Geographical Locations

In the state of Delaware, geographical location is one of the major factors behind the distribution of salaries. There is a slight difference in the range of salaries offered by the cities of Delaware. You can have a look at www1.salary.com April 2018 data for median annual, median monthly and median hourly salaries in this state.

City Name

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Hourly Salary





Delaware City
























New Castle








Rehoboth Beach












The above table reveals the fact that the average annual EMT salary varies from $36,279 to $37,182. The average monthly salary falls between $3,023 and $3,099, and the average hourly salary falls between $17 and $18. The highest paying cities in Delaware are Rehoboth Beach, Harrington, Lewes, and Milford. The lowest paying city is Seaford.

Salary of Similar Job Titles

There are various other jobs, which are related to EMTs. The prospective Emergency Medical Technicians can move ahead by assuming several other roles. The salaries of professionals with related job titles are as follows:

  • EMT Paramedic: $38,000
  • Fire-fighter EMT: $40,000
  • Commercial Electrician Mechanic: $30,000
  • Commercial Electrician Helper: $23,000
  • Cardiovascular Specialist: $61,000
  • Security EMT Officer: $25,000
  • ED Technician Emergency Department: $50,000
  • Circulating RN Surgical: $77,000
  • Commercial Electrician Journeyman: $34,000
  • EMT Security Officer: $26,000

Other Benefits

In Delaware, the EMTs are also provided some extra benefits along with monetary rewards. These benefits include the following:

  • Paid vacations of 3 weeks
  • Retirement plan
  • Life insurance benefits
  • Dental, health, and vision insurance for himself/herself and family.
  • Deferred compensation
  • Payment of program and continuing education fees by the employer.
  • Rotational shifts and good overtime

Employment Outlook

It has been anticipated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there will be 33% growth in the sector of emergency medical services by 2020. There is a wide scope of employment for EMTs as they can join doctor’s offices, hospitals, malls, etc to offer services.

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