EMT Salary in Maine

As per the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as of May 2017, EMTs in Maine earned an annual and hourly wages of $34,450 and $16.56 respectively. The state employed 1750 emergency medical technicians and the employment per thousand jobs was 2.917. The records of indeed.com April 2018 report reveal that these professionals receive an average remuneration of around $29,626 in ME. These figures are 10% lower than the average EMT salaries for job posting throughout the state.

Yearly Salary of EMTs in ME on Different Percentile Brackets

The table below lists the annual wages of EMTs based on different percentile brackets.

Percentile BracketAnnual Wages
25%$ 27,810
50%$ 34,370
75%$ 40,110

 Information Source – The Bureau of Labor Statistics (as of May 2013)

  • 10% of EMTs waged less than $22,770 while 90% earned more than $22,770.
  • 25% of emergency medical technicians offered less than $27,810 while 75% got more than $27,810.
  • 50% made less than $34,370 while the rest 50% made more than $34,370.
  • 75% of EMTs received less than $40,110 while 25% salaried more than $40,110.
  • 90% managed to earn an income of less than $47,410 while 10% were remunerated more than $47,410.

Salary of EMTs as per Geographical Location

A number of cities in Maine offer lucrative packages to EMTs. The yearly salary figures in ME range from $31,711 to $35,154. In the table below from the survey of April 2018, details about the yearly, monthly, weekly and hourly salary of EMTs offered by different cities is clearly shown.

Name of StateMedian Annual


Median Monthly SalaryMedian Weekly SalaryMedian Hourly Salary
South Portland$35,148$2,929$732$18

Salary of other Professionals with Related Job Positions

After completing the required number of hours of advanced EMT level, one can choose to branch out in some other EMT related professions, which have a higher pay scale.

Job TitleSalary
EMT Emergency Medical Technician$23,000
Firefighter EMT$35,000
EMT Paramedic$32,000
Security Officer EMT$24,000
EMT Paramedic Instructor$23,000
EMT Security Officer$24,000
Cardiovascular Specialist Ral$60,000
Emergency Medical Technician Basic$20,000
EMT P$39,000
Firefighter Recruit$41,000
Electrician Journeyman$38,000
EMT Basic$21,000
EMT Akron OH$18,000
Paramedic Evansville$31,000
Emrgncy Medical Technician$26,000

Information source – indeed.com (as on January 2015)

Other Benefits

EMTs are offered several benefits along with a great salary package, in order to ensure their financial security.

  • Bonus
  • Assistance for further education in the EMT field
  • Health and medical insurance for self and family
  • Leave benefits
  • Paid leave
  • Disability insurance

Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 23% growth in the employment of EMTs from 2012 to 2022 bringing the number of people employed as EMTs up to 294,400 (in 2022) from 239,100 (in 2012). With an increase in road accidents, riots, violence and natural disasters the demand for part-time EMTs in smaller cities and rural locations is bound to increase as well.

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