EMT Salary in Wisconsin

If you are planning to pursue EMT as a career, keep in mind that the salary will fluctuate on the basis of various factors, like population, geographic location, level of certification, type of industry, and so on. If you are joining any health care facility just coming straight out of an Emergency Medical Technician school, you will be paid less as compared to those having prior experience. Similarly, if someone has a high level of certification, he/she will get more salary than those, who are having a low level of certification. Let’s discuss in detail about the annual, monthly and hourly EMT pay in Wisconsin

How much does an EMT make every year?

As per the May 2017 survey of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of Emergency Medical Technicians in Wisconsin was $33,330, whereas the average hourly pay was $16.02.

As per indeed.com May 2018 report, the average salary of an EMT in the state is $28,500 approximately.

The following table shows the income statistics on the basis of the national compensation survey carried out by the BLS in May 2018.

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary

Average Annual Salary

10th Percentile Wage



25th Percentile Wage



50th Percentile Wage



75th Percentile Wage



90th Percentile Wage



Salary as per Geographical Location

Unfortunately, except 1 city, the EMT salary of the other 10 cities in Wisconsin is below the national average. The table below shows the median annual, monthly and hourly salaries of an Emergency Medical Technician.

City Name

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Hourly Salary





Eau Claire




Green Bay












La Crosse
























The median annual salary of an Emergency Medical Technician ranges from a maximum of $30,500 to a minimum of $26,385, whereas the monthly median pay lies between $2,542 and $2,199. The median hourly salary of an EMT varies from $13 and $15. The highest paying city of Wisconsin is Green Bay, while La Crosse is the lowest paying city.

Salary of the Similar Job Titles

Becoming an EMT opens a lot of doors to other jobs in the area of emergency care. Some of the job titles along with their salaries are as follows:

  • EMT Security Officer: $26,000
  • Mobile Equipment Operator: $32,000
  • Temperature Control Technician: $59,000
  • Hospitals Admissions Technician: $33,000
  • Csp Technician: $37,000
  • Central Processing Technician: $24,000
  • Health Support Technician: $20,000
  • Emergency Room Nursing: $58,000
  • ER Technician: $32,000
  • Animal Health Technician: $26,000
  • Mobile Equipment Operator: $32,000
  • HVAC Technician: $48,000
  • Fire Captain: $48,000
  • Technician Bus Gov: $46,000
  • HVAC R Service Technician: $39,000


Apart from getting a fixed amount of salary for their services, EMTs can also expect other perks, which may be monetary or non-monetary.

  • EMTs along with their families can get health, vision and dental insurance.
  • 21 days of vacation leaves per year.
  • 21 days of sick leaves per year.
  • Life Insurance for those, who are actively engaged in their profession.
  • Their program as well as continuing education charges are sometimes paid by the employers.
  • They also obtain benefits of Deferred Compensation Program, like Employee Stock Option.

Employment Outlook

The job prospects for EMTs are quite excellent and are likely to increase in the future. They can get numerous employment opportunities at public or private hospitals, rescue teams, ambulance services, etc. Moreover, the BLS has projected a growth of 15% in the vocation of Emergency Medical Technicians from 2016 to 2026.

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