EMT Salary in West Virginia

Several factors play an important role in deciding the EMT salary in West Virginia. Some of these factors are -experience and the number of hours worked. You may either work as a volunteer or on a full-time basis. The more hours you will work, the higher will be your salary. Similarly, professionals having several years of working experience earn handsome pay than those having less experience. The income of Emergency Medical Technicians also pivots on the type of industry, geographic location, and education. If you wish to know more about the EMT salary in the state of West Virginia, read the following article.

How Much Do EMTs Make Per Year in WV?

The average annual income of EMTs in May 2017 was $28,320. It was calculated by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on the basis of a survey. The average per hour wages was estimated to be $13.62. According to indeed.com May 2018 report, Emergency Medical Technicians in West Virginia earn $24,500 per year approximately.

The BLS has also computed EMT salaries as per various percentile brackets, which is shown in the below-given table:

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary

Average Annual Salary

10th Percentile Wage



25th Percentile Wage



50th Percentile Wage



75th Percentile Wage



90th Percentile Wage



Salary as Per Geographical Location

EMT salaries of all the cities of West Virginia vary due to the difference in their population, cost of living, etc. Unluckily, the income of these professionals in all the five cities is below the national average. The table given below will provide you a detailed account of the median annual, monthly and hourly salary of Emergency Medical Technicians.

City Name

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Hourly Salary





















After analyzing the above table, it can be concluded that the yearly median pay of an Emergency Medical Technician in the state ranges from $26,385 to $28,203. In the same manner, the monthly median earnings fluctuate between $2,199 and $2,350. Except Wheeling, the median hourly wages in all cities is $13. Wheeling is the highest paying city with hourly wages of $14. On the other hand, Huntington is the lowest paying city.

Salary of the Similar Job Titles

EMTs can also take up other professions, which are similar to the job of an Emergency Medical Technician. The other job titles with their corresponding incomes are given below:

  • EMT B: $19,000
  • EMT Paramedic: $41,000
  • EMT Security Officer: $28,000
  • Commercial Electrician Mechanic: $32,000
  • Cardiovascular Specialist: $65,000
  • EMT Dispatcher: $19,000
  • Critical Care Paramedic: $32,000
  • Commercial Electrician Journeyman: $36,000
  • Corrections Sergeant Master: $41,000
  • Emergency Department Technician: $33,000
  • Firefighter EMT: $42,000


In addition to a basic salary, several other benefits are also offered to the Emergency Medical Technicians by their employers, such:

  • Paid time off
  • Sick leaves
  • Healthcare benefits, like vision and dental insurance.
  • Pension
  • Yearly bonus
  • Life Insurance coverage
  • Benefits of Deferred Compensation Program, like Employee Stock Option.
  • Reimbursement of the continuing education and program fees.

Employment Outlook

Emergencies, like acts of violence, natural disasters, car crashes, etc. have increased the demand for the EMTs manifold. In the near future, a hike in the employment opportunities for full-time, part-time and volunteer Emergency Medical Technicians will be seen in smaller metropolitan and rural areas. Between 2016 and 2026, the BLS has anticipated a rise of 15% in the job openings for these professionals.

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