EMT Salary in Alabama

The EMTs, who successfully undergo certified program program, become well-aware of emergency techniques and procedures. How much does an EMT earn in the state of Alabama? The salary of EMTs undoubtedly depends on various factors, like geographical location, number of hours of service being provided, and experience. The salary of the EMTs may also vary according to the job to be provided in remote areas, or in the air, or on the ground.

How much salary an EMT makes yearly?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States is one of the authenticated agencies to calculate the salaries, employment levels, location quotient of several occupations. According to bls.gov, the mean annual wage of an EMT and paramedic is $27,880 and mean hourly wage is $13.41.

According to indeed.com, an EMT earns $37,000 annually in the state of Alabama.

According to emtexamace.com, the average hourly wage of an EMT in Alabama is $14.56, approximately.

According to National Compensation Survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual and hourly salary of the EMTs on five different percentiles is as follows:

Percentile Bracket

Average Hourly Salary

Average Annual Salary

10th Percentile Wage



25th Percentile Wage



50th Percentile Wage



75th Percentile Wage



90th Percentile Wage



EMT Salary as per Geographical Location

In Alabama, the prospective EMTs get paid according to the cities in which, they are providing emergency services. The median annual salary of EMT in Alabama ranges between $31,404 and $38,192. The median monthly salary ranges between $2,417 and $3,183. And, the median hourly salary ranges between $15 and $18. In the state of Alabama, the highest paying cities are Huntsville, Madison, and Tanner. Similarly, the lowest paying cities are Dothan and Georgiana. According to the www1.salary.com, the EMTs located in different regions or cities get different salaries, which are explained below:

City Name

Median Annual Salary

Median Monthly Salary

Median Hourly Salary

























































Salary of Related Job Titles

If an applicant chose EMT as his/her career, he/she may also attain jobs with related titles. The salary of other professionals in the field of Emergency Medical Services is:

  • Fire-fighter EMT: $44,000
  • Security EMT Officer: $28,000
  • EMT Dispatcher: $20,000
  • Commercial Electrician Mechanic: $33,000
  • Critical Care Paramedic: $33,000
  • Corrections Sergeant Master: $43,000
  • Cardiovascular Specialist: $68,000
  • EMT Paramedic: $42,000


Apart from salary, EMTs may also be provided with several other benefits, like:

  • Paid sick leaves per year
  • 21 days vacation per year
  • Retirement plan for 25 years
  • Dental, health, and vision insurance for themselves and their family
  • To maintain the EMT licensure and certificate, employers pay the program and continuing education fees.
  • EMTs can also take advantage of life insurance, deferred compensation program, and access to credit union.

Job Outlook

Road accidents, natural disasters, and violence are common now-a-days. To save people from such traumas, the demand for EMTs is growing at a faster pace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic, the employment opportunities for EMTs are expected to grow by 33%.

It is for the knowledge of the students that becoming an EMT does not mean that you have to practice at that level. But, after gaining experience and mastering the skills, an EMT can surely step forward to become field program officer, paramedic, and EMT instructor.

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